Monday, December 14, 2015

Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum | Review

Jessie's whole life has fallen apart.  In the last two years, she's lost her mother, found out her dad has eloped with a woman she's never met, and then moved to California to be with her dad and his new wife.  Everything changes - she starts attending a prep school that she's not equipped to navigate, she gets lost in the nuances of her new world with no guidance from the adults in her life, and she watches the only parental relationship she had disintegrate into the ether.  The pieces haven't even all fallen for her to start picking up.

Enter Somebody Nobody, (SN for short), who first contacts her via email, the only way that this secret person can remain secret and contact her.  SN starts handing out advice to Jessie about how her new world works.  They forge a friendship as SN guides her through some of the ups and downs she encounters in her new life, but the nagging feeling that SN is just an elaborate set-up from some mean girl never escapes Jessie. It's a great mystery until the end.

Tell Me Three Things is a delightful departure from the current contemporary young adult climate.  Julie Buxbaum wowed me!  I couldn't put Jessie's story down.  And though I knew how I wanted it to go, I never knew exactly how it would happen until it did.  The story is never forced.  It flows well and pulls you into Jessie's world, making you care enough about her to care about the mystery that is SN.  It's funny. It's fun. It's heart-wrenching. It's got enough romance to satisfy without dominating.  It's well-written.  It's a 100% must for preorder right this second.  Tell Me Three Things at Amazon.

It comes out this coming April, and a preorder would be an ah-mazing stocking stuffer for any YA fan on your list this season.  Just wrap up the receipt and give the gift of an amazing book and all of the anticipation and fun that goes with a preorder.  It's sure to satisfy even the most jaded of young adult readers!