Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Heir by Kiera Cass | Review

"Mark me down as skeptical."  That's what I said when I heard there was a FOURTH Selection novel coming out.  I preordered it, of course.  If nothing else, I knew it would look fabulous on my bookshelf. I mean, the whole reason I preordered read The Selection in the first place was that stinking gorgeous amazing dress on the cover!

About a week before THE HEIR launched, I had a conversation with my sister-in-law about how I really still didn't have my hopes up.

This smashed my hopes.  I mean, really.  They were low.  But, what Kiera Cass did was take a new generation, in the same world, and made me care just as much about future Queen Eadlyn (even though I hated her at first) as I did America Singer, five.  And then, as you would expect from the series, the ending left me wanting more. Right now.  It actually left me in tears, but that's gonna get chalked up to hormones.

Of course, I did have issues with the book.  The name of the main character.  I hate the name Eadlyn.  Hate.  I didn't like that after all of the progress Maxson had made, he and America still didn't have a grasp on how to work with the people of Illea.  I felt like that was unrealistic.  Like after several years why woulnd't they have set up some sort of self-government system that was subject to them?  I mean, the name America and its forbidden history have to come into play somewhere, why would it take more than 20 years?

The things I did like, though?  Eady is most definitely her own character.  This Selection is nothing like the last.  And though the major surprise romance is not a surprise to anyone who has ever read a book, it's more interesting than I anticipated it would be after Chapter One.

Will I read the next?  Certainly.  Should you keep reading the series?  Depends.  Did you like the first one?  Did you want a spunkier character?  Eady is super fierce.  Go with your gut, you probably won't be disappointed either way.

Parents:  I can't really think of anything that I should warn you about.  I will update if I come across any notes I missed while reading.  

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