Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Independent Bookstore Day is also May 2nd!

Check to see if your local Indie bookstore is participating in Independent Bookstore Day this Saturday!  (why they chose the same day as Free Comic Book Day is beyond me, but still... this is fun!)

Each store will have limited edition swag for sale starting May 2nd to celebrate.  My local Indie, Changing Hands, looks to have some really fun stuff that I wouldn't be able to procure via preorder (like a really fun set of literary tea towels) and a 15% off storewide coupon.  Which, can be combined with a full rewards card, per Facebook questions, so it's a steal of a day all around.

A little history:  Independent Bookstore day has grown from California Bookstore Day to stores from California to Maine, Washington to Florida.  It's a national movement that was started in California only last year.  It's quickly expanded.  Now, let's just hope they can get their dates sorted out with Free Comic Book Day for next year!

Tell us, will you be heading to your local Indie this Saturday?  If so, which one, and what are you going to grab?

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