Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Let The Sky Fall & Let The Storm Break by Shannon Messenger [Giveaway]

Let the Sky Fall starts out like many other paranormal romances - it's got a boy, and a girl, with a long, secret, and sort of morbid history, and you quickly find out that they aren't human.  They're sylphs, air elementals.  They control the wind.  There's a villain who is out to destroy the good force of the sylph race, The Gales, as well as humankind because duh, humankind are like cockroaches and so inferior it isn't even funny.

What's different about these books isn't that they're more engaging that your average teen paranormal romance (but they are engaging), it isn't that the world is more plausible (but it is plausible, if you are at all capable of suspending reality), but that the situations that the characters are in are so impossible, but so relatable because everything is stacked against them. If they make the obvious choice on one tangent, the other end of the balance will sway to make things very unpleasant, so you sit there, pondering what the best course of action is rather than cursing the characters for their inability to see the path clearly laid out in front of them.

In other words? It's. Not. Predictable.

We haven't read about sylphs until our eyes bleed.  We don't know about their kind and their world.  We learn as we read through these two novels.  The entire first novel is executed over the course of like a week.  The second, set like three weeks later, is equally-paced.  I love that the setting and the details evolve over the course of the book, appropriately adding bits of information rather than info-dumping all the way through the first-half of the book.

Also, something to note, and to be excited about is that each chapter changes perspective, alternating between the two main characters - a boy, Vane, and his guardian, Audra. They usually pick up right in the timeline where the other left off with maybe one exception where Vane is speaking to another girl, the girl he used to be betrothed to while Audra is in the bathroom with Vane's human adoptive mother.  Yeah, it's dramarama like that.  And it's fun.

We saw Shannon at Phoenix Comicon, and we really loved her panels. She had no shame admitting that she relates to teenagers because she still feels like a teenager herself (with me sitting in the audience vigorously nodding my head because I can definitely relate).  She is very personable, and reminds you of a debut author with her eager smile and easy conversation. Her writing, however, is seasoned.  It is, in fact, quite skillful.  Beautiful setting, even with all of the bugs, brave character development, and a beefy plot will keep you wanting more.  I can't wait until the next installment.  Unfortunately, it's not even up for preorder yet.

BUT!  You guys can get your hands on 2 hardcovers, the second signed by the author with a fun doodle on the cover.  I picked this up at Phoenix Comicon, and am super excited to share it with you.  Leave a comment below, and you're entered.  No extra entries, though we'd be honored if you subscribe and follow us on various social media sites, linked in the yellow glasses near the top of the sidebar.  Ends 12.1.14 at 11:59pm MST (Arizona time).  Winner will be announced on Twitter and the sidebar at this site on 12.2.

Also, you can find Shannon on Twitter and at her blog.  Make sure you stop and say hi after you've met Audra and Vane.