Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ten Lively Phoenix Comicon Author Quotes

Even authors take selfies...The vast majority of my favorite quotes from the conference came from one panel, Magic And Power in Young Adult Fiction.  And while I attended plenty of panels that were profound and helpful, the majority of the panels just weren't as quotable as these 5 YA authors.  Enjoy!

10. "The Name of the Wind is like the fruitcake of books." --John Scalzi

9. "I don't call them beta readers, I call them victims." --Austin Aslan

8. "I write books the way I wish the world was." --Laini Taylor   "You wish the world was that way?" --Heather Brewer  "Yeah!..." --Laini Taylor (who went on to clarify that she would love to fly and do magical things)

7. "I was once on a panel where we concluded that the only things you couldn't have in YA were boring and beastiality.  Now with the introduction of shapeshifters, I'd say just boring." --Janni Lee Simner

6. "I'm always on the bad guy's side." --Heather Brewer

5. "Women and especially teen girls are constantly underestimated by people who create content except for in YA fiction."  --Kiersten White (in reply to a surprised audience member who told the panel that 60% of horror consumers are women)

4. "Teenagers don't talk like adults.  We say "dude" and "awesome" a lot.  We." --Heather Brewer (who maintained that she was either 16 or 12 throughout the whole panel.  All the ages.  She was so cute.)

3. "I wish that everyone would stop worrying about gender." --Heather Brewer  "So what you're saying is 'Stop color-coding everying?'" --Janni Lee Simner  "Yes!"--Heather Brewer

2. "I'm a chronic daydreamer... There's nothing worse than sitting in a meeting with the CFO and being asked a question and not knowing the answer because you were thinking about dragons." --Danielle L. Jensen

1. "Clarity is God." --Tom Leveen