Friday, May 23, 2014

Lunching With Blink Tour Authors Is Rad

BookSparks invited me and a few other local nerdy people and some local students to a lunch to hang out with authors Jill Williamson, Jonathan Friesen, Lisa T. Bergren, and Lorie Ann Grover last weekend in Tempe.  It was a really fun get together with these folks and to listen to them talk about the industry that they love and the work that is their passion.  These HarperCollins authors went on to Changing Hands in Tempe for the Blink YA Tour, but first they lunched with us and told us a little about themselves and their books.

I, being a huge fangirl for The River of Time Series, was thrilled to be able to sit next to Lisa Bergen at the table, and being jetlagged as I was, probably made the experience a little more surreal than it should have been. (read: I just admitted to being a total fangirl, okay?!?!)

After we ate, we all were given the chance to ask a prepared question to the group.  I'll be tweeting some of the Q&As this weekend because this post would be stupid long if I added them all here.  For now, you can check out the book trailers for the series that these authors are on tour promoting!

Jill was promoting The Safe Lands series: Captives, Outcasts, and the forthcoming Rebels.

Jonathan was promoting Aquifer.

Lisa was promoting Remnants and the forthcoming Season of Fire.

And Lorie Ann was promoting Firstborn.

All four of the firsts in the series have been bumped up in my to-read list.  I won't betray their order though. *wink*  A HUGE thanks to Erin and Crystal at BookSparks PR for inviting me and for the delicious lunch and for the equally delectable goody bag you sent us home with full of these fantastic pieces of fiction!
This fab book bag was full of the authors' books! 

Stay tuned on Twitter for the answers to these and many more from these authors.  

L-R Jonathan Friesen, Jill Williamson, fangirlie me, Lisa T. Bergren, and Lorie Ann Grover
Moms and dads, and grandmas and grandpas will love to hear that Blink is a very clean label, one that you, at this point in time, do not have to worry about the content for your children.


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