Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Indies First Storytime #indiesfirst

So.  I was checking out IndieBound.org to see if I could find a totally rad indie bookstore to visit while in Houston for an upcoming trip (I'm still open to suggestions by the way), when I saw that Indies First Storytime is being held across the country on May 17th:

You can locate your local storytime on their website.  So I checked into it.

Just so happens that the ever-so-better-than-expected (and local!) Tom Leveen (Sick, Party, Zero, manicpixydreamgirl, Random) is doing one at Changing Hands on May 15th at 10:15AM and that Molly Idle (author of my very very fave kids book Tea Rex) is doing one on the 17th at 10AM.

I think we'll try to hit up both.  Because there's no such thing as too many stories. And there's definitely no such thing as too much time spent in an Indie bookstore.  Am I right?  Will we see you there?