Friday, November 15, 2013

Catching Fire Trivia Challenge [Event] [Trivia] [Giveaway]

Last night I Heart Monster held a Trivia Challenge at Bookman's Entertainment Exchange in Mesa.  There were crafts and goodies and prizes for anyone who participated (there were fun archers hidden all around the store to exchange for a mockingjay charm!)

We had a lot of fun, the trivia challenge winner getting 23/25 questions correct!  She won a $25 Bookman's gift certificate and everyone who played got an entry for every correct trivia answer for a pair of movie tickets to the premiere.

So, wanna know how you stack up?  Here are the questions we asked last night.  We'll post the answers Saturday evening in a seperate post so that you can see how you did!

1. Who wrote Catching Fire?
2. How many people live in District 12’s Victors Village?
3. Who represents District 12 in the 75th Annual Hunger Games?
4. What is Gale’s mother’s name?
5. What is the name of District 12’s Mayor’s daughter?
6. What district do the tributes from District 12 stop in first?
7. Who gets engaged?
8. Bonnie & Twill are from what district?
9. What does Katniss smell on President Snow’s breath?
10. What name does Katniss write on her training dummy?
11. Who do Distict 12’s tributes ally themselves with?
12. Who is Finnick’s love?
13 What nicknames does Johanna give Beetee and Wiress?
14. What animal cries like Prim?
15. Who sacrifices themselves to the fog to save someone else?
16. True or False: Katniss is captured by the Capitol.
17. What everyday item does the arena resemble?
18. What is Peeta’s favorite color?
19. What is Finnick’s last name?
20. Why is Gale whipped by a Peacekeeper?
21. This is a freebie.  Sweet.  Leave it blank and you get it right.  Just for hanging in for so long.
22. What color is the cover of Catching Fire?
23. What is the publishing company of Catching Fire?
24. The first word in the book is:
25. What are the last five words in Catching Fire?

There was a copy of the book sitting on the table, so it's totally fair to consult a closed copy for questions 1, 22, & 23 if you truly want an apples:apples comparison against the winner.  Though my suspicions are that if you know the answer to Question 19, you totally know the answers to those *wink*.

I also have one more bracelet left over from the swag giveaway we did at the IHM Facebook page last night (see!  pays to Like our page!) that a first commenter here with the correct answer to Question 4 can have!  Be sure to leave your email addy and we will contact you for your shipping information.