Saturday, October 19, 2013

PBS Nerd Walk 2013 #PBSNerd #NerdWalk2013

"This morning, MicroMonster and I joined about four hundred other PBS Nerds in Arizona at the PBS Nerd Walk 2013.  We marched down the road IN the Arizona State University Homecoming Parade (me sporting an Edgar Allan Poe "The Raven" shirt + nerd socks, and MM sporting her Wonder Woman onesie and our stroller sporting our PBS Nerds shirt) shouting, "Sine, Sine, Cosine, Pi! 3.14159!" and "It's alright, It's okay, You're going to work for us someday" and "PBS! Nerds! Nerds!".  We tossed out boxes of Wonka Nerds to the spectators.  It was an all-around Nerdgasm.  We're nerds for books and graphic novels.  What are you a nerd for?

The MicroMonster and Me
I overheard arguments about the degree of lethality of daleks vs. Klingons, an argument over whether or not Lewis Carroll was dropping acid when he wrote "Through The Looking Glass," and a lively discussion on the finer points of Downton Abbey... all while waiting for this glamorous geekfest to commence.  I got to rub elbows with other PBS Nerds and get a little exercise on a Saturday morning too, which, c'mon, in and of itself...

PBS's Bob Beard giving the Nerd Pep Talk pre-NerdWalk

And while I think that the NerdWalk could stand on its own outside of ASU Homecoming, a very trusty fellow Young At Heart member pointed out to me that it's the juxtaposition of the nerdiness and the jocks that makes the Walk so a) enjoyable and b) rewarding.

I first learned to appreciate books and reading from watching Reading Rainbow on PBS.  Levar Burton wasn't just Geordi La Forge to me. So, as a thanks to PBS for such a fun event and for the quality programming for years and years and years, PBS Arizona will be receiving a $1 donation from I Heart Monster for every comment left detailing what you nerd out about between now and Friday, 10.25.13 at 11:59PM.  Care to Comment, people.  This is what the human community is all about, and PBS is a shining example of an outstanding citizen in that community. Also, thanks to Bookmans Entertainment Exchange for their awesome sponsoring work.   Comment, comment, comment.  NERDS!