Tuesday, August 20, 2013

3 Reasons You Should Read The Complete Trilogy Before Seeing City of Bones

I went to an advanced screening of City of Bones last night.  Problem was, the whole time I was sitting there wondering why they changed some of the story so badly.  Like why does the major battle take place at the Institute? Sigh.   So I came up with a few reasons why you are going to want to read the whole original trilogy BEFORE seeing the movie.

1. Spoilers.  If you've only read the first book, the first movie will spoil a few things in the second and third books for you.  Monster already spoiled them for me, but I recognized them immediately as not being addressed in the first book and frowned.

2. Liberties.  I am about half-way through City of Ashes, and after coming home last night, I'm having difficulty recalling what was in the movie and what was in the book.  We expected them to be different, but not THAT different.

3. Desire.  Something happened to me after the movie.  I really didn't care about the story or the characters anymore.  I lost my desire to know more.  Partly because the movie was so adulterated, and partly because Jamie Campbell Bower makes a really really bad Jace.  Not only does he not look the part, he doesn't act the part. (but Valentine is very very enticing... I mean, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is hot.  I totally understand now why Jocelyn went for him in the first place *wink*)

I took a teenaged friend who hasn't read the books with me to the screening.  She says she now needs to read the books so she can make sense of the movie.  The whole Hodge thing really threw her.  She has no idea what actually happened there.  No idea what the Accords were or why Hodge was "cursed".  So it's all very confusing.  She wants to read more to figure out all of the things that Valentine was telling Clary.  I hated to break it to her that they weren't in the book and that I had no idea where those were coming from.

Overall, I think the movie is a great tool to promote the books, but I think it's missing some key elements of the story that a mass audience needs to know in order to make sense of Cassandra Clare's world.  They need to know about the accords and about Idris!  Idris isn't even mentioned in the movie one time.  They need to know that it's more than just a racial supremacy thing with Valentine.  What the role of a Shadowhunter really is.

If you're a hard core Mortal Instruments fan, I'm afraid you will be sorely disappointed in the movie.  You might not be, but I'm afraid you will be.  I hope you don't wait in line forever to see it at any rate.  The changes they made do not enhance the story, rather, the lack of demon energies and Simon's kidnapping turn the story into a confusing labyrinth of things for a Mortal of Instruments newbie to navigate. And I won't be taking Monster to see it because I do NOT want to hear about the litany of inconsistencies we all know to expect but were overloaded in this instance.