Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yesterday by C.K. Kelly Martin [Book Inspection]

Plot Sketch:  It's the future and we've totally ruined the planet.  Disease-resistant Toxo is running rampant and Freya is forcibly evacuated from her home to a safe place.  The past.  She is implanted with new memories, and can't remember anything from the future.  Until she does... and that presents problems for her and the boy that helps her out.  Together, they navigate Ontario to escape those who would erase their memories permanently.

Verdict:  Part-dystopian, a little paranormal, and part-historical, this stand-alone dystopian was an interesting read.  I liked the fact that it isn't the first in a series and that I didn't have a cliff hanger ending waiting for me and prickling at my brain for a year.  I also liked that it was a new story.  I don't feel like I've heard it before.  I don't feel like I could google a conspiracy blog and find this story in a post, like I do with some time-travel themed dystopians. I can't complain about the structure or the word choice.  And I can't point out any gaping holes in the world that Martin built.

But.  Yes, that annoying "but."  And maybe this is just because dystopian isn't really my cup of tea.  But, I didn't find the story or the characters to be particularly memorable.  It was put-downable.  It isn't going to make my top- anything list for the year.  But I can't put my finger on why I feel that way.

Critique short, I just feel like I needed to be more engaged in the story and connect better with its characters for it to warrant a rave.  YOU may feel differently about it than I do.  YOU may really enjoy it, especially since there's not much wrong with it in the technical department.  So, if the premise seems to pull you, pick it up, give it a try.  If not, you'll likely feel the same way I do, meh.