Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dewey's 24-hour Read-A-Thon [Online Events]

For the last couple of years I've been helping out over at Dewey's 24-hour Read-A-Thon doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes crazy that happens with these large-scale online events.  I can't pretend like I'm not happy to pass the torch to the wonderful ladies over at The Estella Society.  I am.  It's a lot of hard work and I'm excited to see ladies who actually remember Dewey take on this 'thon in her memory.

The 24-hour Read-A-Thon is the first online book event I ever participated in... waaaay back in 2009.  I thought, Hey, why not... reading for 24-hours has got to be fun and a piece of cake, right?  I got the fun part right.  I still remember trying to keep my eyes open during John Green's Looking For Alaska during the last hour of the 'thon, Britney Spears Toxic on repeat, dancing at the foot of my bed book-in-hand, determined to make it all of the way.  And then of course I fell asleep with ten minutes to go.

I remember cohosting the last twelve hours of one 'thon because two of my cohosts dropped out last minute and I didn't have anyone but me to take their place.  I remember scheduling the last three posts and praying that I didn't fall asleep before I could do the recap, but falling asleep nonetheless.

Sleep and I are friends, you see.  And maybe they are for you too.  But let me tell you.  It's fun.  It's like an online party with door prizes and people to cheer you on, to keep your spirits high.  It's amazing.  And if you're a hard core reader?  It's the perfect place for you.  So, sign-up and mark your calendar for October 13th, and show up at the right time.  Set your alarm.  Get your snacks ready and read.  Read all day long and have so much fun doing it!