Friday, July 6, 2012

Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi [Book Inspection]

Plot Sketch: Aria was born in Reverie, where they are safe from the Aether storms.  Aria's mom, Lumina, is a geneticist who not only designed Aria, but whose work is top secret and has taken her to Bliss, another pod away from Reverie.  Lumina hasn't contacted Aria every day like she usually does which alerts Aria that something is wrong.  She asks and is told that the link is just down and that everything is okay.  So, she seduces Soren Hess, the Director of Security's son, to see if she can get any information out of him.  In the process, she enters a closed section of Reverie, meets an Outsider who saves her from being strangled by Soren, and gets framed for the fire that Soren started.  The result?  Her banishment to the Outside. The Aether. The Death Shop where there are a million ways to die.  The story follows her and her Outsider as they search for Lumina and someone else the Outsider lost.

Verdict:  The writing is solid.  The characters?  I have this amazing connection to them even though I have no connection to the world they come from.  I care about them.  You will too.  Rossi does an amazing job making her characters distinguishable even though the third person limited perspective shifts from chapter to chapter.  If I missed the shift in view, I knew it, and I'd flip back to verify.  As far as plot goes, there are some holes.  Times where characters know things that there was no foundation laid for that knowledge.  But these are minimal, and as prevalent as these are in the dystopian fad, I'm willing to overlook the three I counted for the overall story.

The world is fascinating.  Combining genetics with apocalypse with different societies mostly isolated from each other all trying to survive.  The rules are solid for the world.  The fantasy elements not too much of a stretch.

If you're a fan of dystopias like Wither, The Selection, and Matched, you'll like Under the Never Sky.  Additionally, if you have interest in virtual realities, interesting weather, and science fiction, you will definitely enjoy this one.  I can see fans of Firefly, Dexter's Laboratory, and dare I say Coheed & Cambria? will like this story of perseverance, angst, wit, and love.

And my favorite quote?  Here ya go: