Saturday, July 21, 2012

Size 12 And Ready To Rock by Meg Cabot

Plot Sketch: Heather Wells is back at it again in Size 12 And Ready To Rock, putting her fallen pop star street smarts to good use solving crime after crime.  This time, it's all about her former rival, boyfriend-stealing, future sister-in-law and a stalkery scary murderish dude.  The usual characters are all there to help find the guy during a rock-n-roll camp for teens hosted at none other than Heather's own Death Dorm.

Verdict:  I love me some Heather Wells.  I really do.  These are adult books that are suitable for older teens.  They do have some references to sex and drugs in them, whatever you would find in a college dorm really since Heather is the residence hall assistant manager person.  And there's blood and murder because well, they're mysteries.  Meg's writing style in this installment is on-par with her other adult work in this one, which since there was an almost five-year gap between Big Boned and this one, I was happy to see.

I love the characters, and I love that the major characters grew and overcame personal obstacles they had faced in earlier books.  When a series comes together over a wider arc, I think it makes us all happy, right? 

Something I didn't like though was the amount of extraneous characters.  I felt like there were way too many names in the book for characters that didn't actually have to make an appearance.  I kept thinking who is this guy?  And why does she know this girl again?  I would have liked to have seen the character list shortened to ones that were pertinent to the story with a few extras sprinkled here and there.  But it felt just the opposite.

The pacing and plot - though predictable - both served for light entertainment.  And as always, I loved the songs at the beginning of the chapters.  I gobbled it up, and if you haven't had the chance to check out Heather Wells yet, you should definitely start at the beginning with Size 12 Is Not Fat.  Size 12 And Ready To Rock is #4 in the series.