Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dollhouse: Epitaphs Volume 1 [Comics]

So I saw an ad for Dollhouse: Epitaphs by Dark Horse Books in one of the industry newsletters I receive.  I was like, "Dollhouse, as in Joss's Dollhouse?"  Then I clicked on the ad and was taken to a page where I totally squeed.  Yeah, buddy.  It is totally a continuation of the two-season TV series on Fox.  So, I lightning fast went to my local comic book store to pick it up, but they had no idea what I was talking about and wanted to sell me the individual comics... which I had no idea were even out there, and I could get into a whole weird tangent, but I won't.

So, I kindly declined and went home and purchased the five-issue volume on Amazon.  I devoured the 160-page compilation in less than an hour.  Now.  I had just had surgery a few days before and I was high on Vicodin... but I really liked the series.  I'll definitely buy the next volume from Dark Horse if there is one.

It starts off slowly, reorienting you to a world that contains dollhouses and what's currently going on with Rossum and how they're furthering their hold on people's minds.  I'll admit that there was a point where I was confused as to whether or not this was the same story.  But that confusion was quickly diffused and I was immersed in a new conflict with Alpha, Echo, Zone and Rossum.

Now I'm not a seasoned comic-book reader.  I read them on a regular basis, but I sometimes have a hard time getting into them.  I know, blasphemy to some of you.  Apologies.  But the thing that was hardest to get into about this story was that the art for characters wasn't always consistent and I wasn't always sure where I was and who was talking as the scenes would change from page to page and some of the art work was so close to other characters.  Don't get me wrong, I figured it out, but I did have a hitch here and there.

That said, I was engrossed in the story and the artwork, and when I finished, I was super disappointed.  I wanted more.  So, I'd totally recommend this for fans of Dollhouse that want more of Echo, Alpha, and the world that Rossum wants to rule.

An aside:  I really like that they based Rossum in Tucson - the hippy, artsy, holistic-loving people of Tucson, two hours to the south.  It's kind of just another degree of sinister lent to Rossum.  And I really liked that they didn't neglect that fact from the show in the book.  They kept the vast majority of the things the same.  Also, the book was written by the same people who wrote the TV series.  So, that's another tally in the awesome column for me.