Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Albatros: An IndieGoGo Project

Every once in a while I see a kickstarter or Indiegogo project that makes me smile.  But once in a blue moon, I see one that makes me want to contribute.  Folks, the moon is blue.  The Albatros bookmark is stinkin' genius. And you better bet I ordered some:

 My only concern was whether or not they would come out of the book once I was done reading it.  From the website:
Made out of polyester and with repositionable adhesive, the bookmark can last forever and without damaging any pages.
 If you contribute to the IndieGoGo, you'll get a bit of a price break, and shipping break too from the looks of it for folks in the US.  This is a France-based project and the preorders stop Friday March 23rd. What are your thoughts?  Concerns? You like? Think it's stupid?  I'm curious, so dish.