Monday, December 19, 2011

7 DIY Bookish Tutorials [Gift Ideas]

Oh my goodness, Christmas is Sunday.  For those of you who haven't yet shopped for that bookish person on your list, here are some bookishly fun DIY gift tutorials that you still have time to complete if you're low on cash or low on ideas.

Dollar Store Plastic Animal Book Ends Tutorial by Mad In Crafts.  I saw these animals in the dollar bins at Target and had I seen this tutorial before I saw those animals I totally would have tried it.  All you need is some spray paint, some plastic picture frames and some glue.  So fun.

This Teeny Tiny Leather Spell Book Tutorial from Ruby Murray looks really fun.  Harry Potter isn't the only spell book in literature, so this could be perfect for your fantasy loving girl.

Make someone food from their favorite fiction series. has recipes from A Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Something like this framed from a thrifted book of poems or shorts, or novel could really be a lasting and meaningful gift for a loved one.

This DIY Antiqued Embroidered Book Cover Tutorial from Urban Threads is GORGEOUS.  It might be a little out of my capability range, but who am I to deny it to you guys who have mad embroidery skills?

These bookmarks and journal wraps via Craft Snob are fun, easy, and super great for traveling.  I've made them before, and the recipients used and loved them.  It takes about fifteen minutes total.

Make an origami pendant out of an old dictionary or book you salvage from the trash.  I'm not suggesting you go dumpster diving behind your local bookstore... or am I?  I kid.  Pendant picture is from Ume Origami.  Tutorial is via Paper Unlimited.  This could be an ornament too.

Hope you enjoy these tutorials!  You'll find all of them on my Pinterest board, Bookish.  Have a great week!  and good luck with those projects.