Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Justin Cline, Author of Master of Voodoo & Vampirium [Interview]

Next up in our interviews with Actionopolis authors... Justin Cline!  He's a Cancer from Overland Park, KS (which I totally drove through once) and loves chocolate and peanut butter icecream... or just chocolate and peanut butter without the icecream too.  Here we go.

IHM:  In Ten Words or less, tell us about your most recent book.

Justin Cline:  Small-town kid travels through shadows, attempts to save town.  (Vampirium - Millennium of Shadows)

IHM:  Why are you a writer instead of a car salesman or a shrink or a teacher or any other profession?

JC:  I've always enjoyed telling stories.  My dad was talking to me recently and saying that he had no idea where I got that drive from, and I had to point out that it was most likely from him.  He's always had  a natural ability for telling jokes or just entertaining people with tales of the things that have happened to him.  The only difference between the two of us is that I started writing my stories down.

IHM:  Who is your most interesting character never published in the series (yet)?

JC: There's a villain coming up in the Master of Voodoo series who's pretty entertaining to me.  Although I'm not at liberty to disclose the nature or identity of the character, suffice it to say that he/she really turns Gibson's world upside-down.

IHM:  Who is your hero?

JC: I don't know that I have one particular hero to single out, but I think that anyone who has ever said "I have a story to tell" and then actually told that story is a hero in my book.  I'm a big proponent of put up or shut up.

IHM:  What is the message you want readers to gain from your work?

JC:  If there's a central message that runs through all my work--Actionopolis titles or otherwise--, it's the notion that identity is something that's constantly changing.  How an individual is perceived by others or by him or herself is not a static thing.  Black and white can be interesting, but gray is what makes a character fascinating.

Justin is the author of Master of Voodoo - Rise of the Dead!  and Vampirium - Millennium of Shadows, both available on Kindle for $2.99, pick one up today from Amazon!  You have a question for Justin?  Leave a comment below.