Friday, October 21, 2011

Jake Black, Author of Winged Victory [Interview]

I'm thrilled to bring you guys a series of interviews with Actionopolis authors!  Back in May, you may recall one of my posts about Phoenix Comicon, and a panel where we learned all sorts of fun stuff about Actionopolis and Agents of D.A.N.G.E.R including the fact that their books are un-dumbed-down books aimed at reaching readers who want an action-packed plot.

Our first interview is with Jake Black, who is a Cancer whose favorite icecream flavor is cookies & cream and hails from Eagle Mountain, Utah, United States.  He's the author of Winged Victory.  Read on to find out more.

IHM:  In Ten Words or less, tell us about your most recent book.

JB: Boy with wings joins the battle between good and evil.

IHM: Why are you a writer instead of a car salesman or a shrink or a teacher or any other profession?

JB: Because I suck at everything else. Seriously. I wouldn't buy anything from me!

IHM: Who is your most interesting character never published in the series (yet)?

JB: Hmmm...not sure, yet!

IHM: Who is your hero?

JB: Brad Meltzer. Also, my parents.

IHM: What is the message you want readers to gain from your work?

JB: There's always hope.

What a fantastic message to send out to readers!  You can purchase Winged Victory for your Kindle for a smokin' deal of $2.99!  Thanks, Jake for being with us here today!

Stay tuned to IHM for more Actionopolis interviews coming soon!