Saturday, September 17, 2011

This Might Pinterest You - Spetember 16, '11 [Pinteresting]

My favorites from my Bookish board at Pinterest for the work week ending 9/16/11:

Instructions on how to make your own Pallet Bookshelves.  Holy upcycle, batman!

I'm positively in love with these bookends.  If anyone knows where I can buy them, please let me know.  I'm bordering desperate.

Dr. Seuss bookish treats.  Great for a kid party.,. or an adult one too!  

Loving this necklace.  Added it to my Xmas list.  And the etsy seller has a whole inventory of fun bookish necklaces.  Check it out!

And to finish up, here's a fun recipe for Harry Potter Butterbeer!  

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