Friday, September 2, 2011

This Might Pinterest You - September 2, '11 [Pinteresting]

New feature.  I show you bookish things I found on Pinterest during the week and thought worthy of sharing with you!  Did you write a Pinterest post?  If you did, link up at the bottom.  If you didn't, whatcha waiting for?

I especially loved the USA bookshelf.  It's not often that you find something that represents America that isn't kinda lame.  This shelf lets you be patriotic without hanging a flag or screaming "Of thee I sing."

Pottery Barn Teen's Read Books bookends are pretty darned cute, and probably a welcome addition to anyone's library.  I mean, they go with almost any decor, really.  Well, maybe not in pink, but you know what I mean.

Entertainment Weekly's cover featuring The Hunger Games movie. I sincerely hope the movies are better than the books.  They've definitely got potential.  Please screw it up like Jackson screwed up LOTR, please. *fingers crossed*

A dress made from pages of a book and sheet music, which is pretty sincerely incredible if you ask me.

A book exchange phone booth in Somerset, England, UK.  I think this is a fantastic idea, and I'm already trying to brainstorm somewhere in my area that I could initiate a similar project.  I think things like this bring real value to a community and would love to see more of them accessible to more people.  If you have any ideas on how/where to start one in Mesa, let me know.

This is a tutorial on how to make a really fun bookish necklace that's pretty darned stylish too:

Check out this super-great library wallpaper!  If you're short on books, you can combine this with what you've got to make it look like you've got a more impressive library!

And... last but not least, here are some great bookish sayings/quotes I've seen on Pinterest this week:

So those are my top bookish pins for this week.  Come back next week and see what else I have found!  ♥  And check out other lovelies who have posted stuff they've pinned: