Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ode To A Bookstore Death [You're The Expert]

There were a lot of awesome comments over on the original place I saw this posted, GalleyCat.  But the one that I connected with the most was the one that said, "Possibly why bookstores went out of fashion. Amazon, for all its faults, doesn't sneer at you for the choices you make."  They've gone kinda nuts since I first saw this post.

My own experience at checkout on the night before Borders closed here in Mesa was not a positive one.  The associate went on and on about all of the benefits he had lost since he had first started working there, all of the pay cuts he had taken, and all of the increased rules, procedures, and penalties he'd assumed.  It didn't sound like a great place to work for the last 18 months.  Borders employees were bitter, to say the least.

But since I couldn't stop thinking about this post, I had to get your take.  I mean, personally?  When I walk into a bookstore and tell them I'm looking for a book, I am looking.  Asking for help is merely a tool to help me on that mission.  Just 'cause I ask for help doesn't mean I haven't scoured the shelves of four other bookstores, yo.  Sorry to have made you do your job!  But, Nicholas "There are no authors in my genre" Sparks?  I say ditto.  Facts are facts.

So what I want to know, is what you think about the points that this associate obviously thought brought down the store and its employees.  Do you think that people using SAT books then returning them is wrong?  Ethical?  Does it matter if you do your summer reading three days before the end of summer or forty-five days before the end of summer?  How do you define looking for a book?  What's your take on good ol' Nicky Sparks?

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