Friday, September 30, 2011

Library Challenges Across The Nation [fREADom!] [You're The Expert]

I thought this was mighty interesting - seeing a visual representation of documented challenges to library content across the country.  It makes me cringe.  But at the same time, reading that "Nicholas Allan's Where Willy Went was challenged at the Chandler[Arizona] Public Library... Parents requested that the book be moved to a restricted area because Willy is a sperm and the book is about sex." doesn't really surprise me, or make me angry. And I doubt it'll surprise many of you.  How and when one's child learns about sex is just as important of a parenting freedom as making sure that views of the few don't impact the access to information of many, and requesting that it be moved to a restricted section is not the same as asking it to be removed from the library entirely... or is it?  You tell me.

"This map is drawn from cases documented by ALA and the Kids' Right to Read Project, a collaboration of the National Coalition Against Censorship and the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression."

View Book Bans and Challenges, 2007-2011 in a larger map

[via Shelf Awareness]