Saturday, September 10, 2011

Farewell Borders [Letter]

Dear Borders,

Farewell, friend.  I much preferred you to Barnes & Noble.  You were a great bookish friend.  I pre-ordered Harry Potters from you and spent hours, check that, probably the equivalent of weeks of my life, browsing your shelves.  I stood in line for great books, found fantastic deals, bought birthday cards and countless birthday and Christmas gifts from you dating back to the first Christmas I actually made my own money to buy gifts for those I love.

I have been saddened to see you liquidate your shelves.  The bareness of the store today brought to light a harsh reality about the business of tangible books. 

But honestly?  I was less saddened when I heard from the employees at checkout about how you've treated them and cheated them of late.  Regardless, we've had great times together, and your presence will be missed.  Mostly because I was foolish and invested in Rewards Plus in January and now don't get to reap the rewards for my entire year.  Isn't that a breach of contract or something?  I mean, I paid in advance for twelve months.  I wonder if I can dispute that purchase.

I meant for this to be a farewell letter, a pleasant one, really.  But the more I think about it, and the longer I write, the more I see you not only cheated your employees (I mean who takes away 401ks?),  you cheated me.  Harumph.  

To that epiphany, I must admit, I kinda don't feel bad about the $171 worth of books I got for $29.09.  I feel like my investment was a little returned.  Oh.  No.  Wait.  I would have gotten that deal with or without Rewards Plus.  Lame.

Farewell, Borders.  

I Heart Monster

Borders closes tomorrow. For good. Go take some books or furnishings off of their hands, and help them pay back at least some percentage of what they owe the publishers.