Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Everlasting by Angie Frazier [Book Inspection] [YA]

Plot Sketch: Camille is a sailor's daughter. Her father has always been in the shipping business and she has always accompanied him on his voyages. He protected her from sea tales and superstitions and kept her in comfort when they were on land. She never wanted for fashionable shoes or anything she wanted at all, really. And then, her father arranged a marriage for her to Randall Jackson. She wanted to love the handsome, rich, and intelligent man, she really did. But she never felt that fire. Unless Oscar Kildare, the first mate on her dad's ship was the one close to her. But that was improper and scandalous. She couldn't even consider it. So, setting out on one last voyage before she marries Randall, she ends up on an adventure, to find Umandu, a mother she thought she had lost when she was born, and true love.

Verdict: I loved the story. I thought it was fun and flirty and held a lot of suspense without being scary. BUT, I also found a lot of the happenings extremely convenient. Like how she runs into Samuel, and how they just so happen to find shelter any time they need it. But, that's nothing when you have a hard time not thinking about the story while you're away from the book, right? The writing was good. The characters were well-researched and well-plotted. The plot was swift, which we all know keeps me happy. The cover though. The cover does not accurately portray the story. Not one bit. So, please please please, don't judge it by its cover.

Location: San Francisco and Australia
Favorite Character: Oscar. Oh. My. Gosh. Oscar. Hands down. What's not to love about a sexy first mate who saves lives left and right? *swoon*
Would Change: some of the more convenient and contrived plot points as referenced in the Verdict.
Favorite Line: "This time, I must have needed to row to you." pg. 321, hardcover
Good for Monster? Nope. Too romancey for his tastes.
People Who Will Like This: pirates and their wenches, tomboys, hikers, and people who appreciate a strong female lead
People Who Won't Like This: straight up adventure fans who don't like their girls to think too much, girly girls who sit in townhouses and attend balls, Navy Wives.
Chapters: 24
Author's Website: