Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Out-of-Print Books [You're The Expert]

I was looking for a cookbook from the fifties the other day and it got me to wondering (I know, I know, a cookbook from the fifties?) about out-of-print books and which books people look for most often.  Then low and behold, an article pops up on one of the sites I read detailing the 100 most-sought-after out-of-print books in America.

I gasped when I saw that Madonna's Sex was at the top of the list.  I mean, really people?  Really?  You want that more than you want to read the Rob-Pattinson-recommended Ticket to Ride?  (yes, that was sarcasm)

I found six YA-relevant books on the entire list.  That tells me one or two things: 1) that the publishing industry really didn't used to publish many YA-relevant titles and/or 2) the publishing industry knows a good YA thing when they see it and keep it in print.

I understand that book sales drive print runs, and that sales for these titles must have fallen significantly.  I, for one, don't understand why someone doesn't publish a book if there is a marked demand for it, but hey, that's just me.  So, I'm wondering what you think about this list.  Do you think it's fun?  Do you think it's sad?  What do you think about the titles that are on it?  What do you think about the out-of-print scene and process?  I've bolded the titles I think are YA-relevant, but you can tell me if I missed one... or four.

100 Most Demanded Out-Of-Print Books in America

1 Madonna Sex
2 Nora Roberts Promise Me Tomorrow
3 Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) Rage
4 Stephen King My Pretty Pony
5 Ray Garton In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting
6 Luigi Serafini Codex Seraphinianus
7 Johnny Cash Man in Black
8 Norman Mailer Marilyn: A Biography
9 H.Henry Thomas Arithmetic Progress Papers
10 Kyle Onstott Mandingo
11 Allan D. Richter Eve of the End
12 Ray Bradbury Dark Carnival
13 Associated Press The Torch is Passed: The Associated Press Story of The Death of a President
14 Jean Larteguy The Centurions
15 Carl Sagan Murmurs of Earth: The Voyager Interstellar Record
16 Cameron Crowe Fast Times at Ridgemont High
17 J.R. Hartley Fly Fishing: Memories of Angling Days
18 Dennis Potter Ticket To Ride
19 Mary and Vincent Price A Treasury of Great Recipes
20 Anne Alexander The Pink Dress
21 Lynne Cheney Sisters
22 Stuart Chase The Road We Are Traveling, 1914-1942,
23 Andrew Loomis Creative Illustration
24 David Williams Second Sight
25 Anna Elizabeth Bennett Little Witch
26 Nan Gilbert 365 Bedtime Stories
27 Allen Drury Advise and Consent
28 C.S. Lewis The Allegory of Love: A Study in Medieval Tradition
29 Alex Angos Endgame Artillery
30 Philip K. Dick Gather Yourselves Together
31 A.C.H. Smith Labyrinth: A Novel
32 Salvador Dali, illustrator The Jerusalem Bible
33 Elmer Keith Hell, I Was There!
34 Ricky Jay Cards As Weapons
35 Madeleine L'Engle Ilsa
36 Norman Denny The Casket and the Sword
37 Charles Eric Maine World Without Men
38 Paul Gallico Jennie
39 Robert Nathan The Bishop's Wife
40 Ben Bova The Star Conquerors
41 Walt Kelly I Go Pogo
42 Curtis Richards Halloween
43 S.O. Pidhainy The Black Deeds of the Kremlin: A White Book
44 Clancy Holling The Book of Indians
45 Tom Lea The King Ranch
46 John Blaine The Magic Talisman
47 José Garcia Villa Footnote to Youth
48 Harry Twyford Peters Currier & Ives: Printmakers to the American People
49 Rasiel Suarez ERIC : The Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins
50 Alice Starmore Tudor Roses
51 Kate Holmes Too Good to be Threw
52 Nicholas Guild The Blood Star
53 Charles M. Russell Good Medicine; The Illustrated Letters of Charles M. Russell
54 Donald Hamilton The Big Country
55 J. Mordaunt Crook William Burges and the High Victorian Dream
56 David Whitford A Payroll to Meet: A Story of Greed, Corruption, and Football at SMU
57 Leo S. Figiel On Damascus Steel
58 Marie Simmons Pancakes A to Z
59 W. Somerset Maugham Tellers of Tales: 100 Short Stories
60 Arthur Koestler The Act of Creation
61 Charles Thomson The Septuagint Bible
62 Henry W. Simon A Treasury of Grand Opera
63 Jack S Levy War in the Modern Great Power System, 1495-1975
64 Jack Howell The Lovely Reed : An Enthusiasts Guide to Building Bamboo Fly Rods
65 John Harris Covenant With Death
66 Charles Luk (Translator) Empty Cloud: The Autobiography of the Chinese Zen Master, Hsu Yun
67 Jan Wolkers Turkish Delight
68 Watt Piper The Bumper Book; a Harvest of Stories and Verses
69 John Burnet Platonism
70 David Miller The Nature of Political Theory
71 Laura Bannon The Wonderful Fashion Doll
72 John D. Green Birds of Britain
73 Glen Cook She Is The Darkness
74 Sarah Bradford The Reluctant King
75 Charles Flato The Golden Book of the Civil War
76 James Virgil Howe The Modern Gunsmith
77 Ernest Cole House of Bondage
78 Patricia C. Barry ABCs of Long Arm Quilting
79 Ferdinand Pecora Wall St. Under Oath; The Story of our Modern Money Changers
80 A.E. Gutnov and A. Baburov The Ideal Communist City
81 Arthur Upfield The Lure of the Bush aka The Barrakee Mystery
82 Polan Banks Carriage Entrance
83 Barbara Newhall Follett The House Without Windows
84 R.P. Hunnicutt Stuart: A History of the American Light Tank
85 John Cage Notations
86 M.J. Whitley German Coastal Forces of World War Two
87 Roland Pierrot Chemical and determinative tables of mineralogy
88 Arthur Watt VLF Radio Engineering
89 John Atlee Kouwenhoven The Columbia Historical Portrait of New York: An Essay in Graphic History
90 Cecil Beaton The Glass of Fashion
91 David Sokol Pleased, But Not Satisfied
92 Steve Wiper USS New Jersey BB-62
93 Laura London The Windflower
94 Edward Matunas Practical Gunsmithing
95 Thomas Craven A Treasury of American Prints
96 Paul Hoffman To Drop a Dime
97 Nicholas Brawer British Campaign Furniture: Elegance Under Canvas, 1740-1914
98 Sam Dalal   Swami and Mantra
99 Alan Raven and John Roberts British Battleships of World War Two
100 Don Graf Basic Building Data: 10,000 Timeless Construction Facts


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bookcase Construction, Step One [You're The Expert] [My Real Life] [Projects]

Remember how I told you that we bought an older house and we're building it to be how we want it to be?  I showed you some pictures of the in-progress I Heart Monster office, (still not completed) and now, I'm sharing with you the process to build the shelves I've wanted for a while.  Monster is a pretty handy fella, so he's custom building me some shelves sorta like these ones:
So.  The first step in building them is figuring out what kind of wood and which kind of stain we liked best.

Do you think you can guess which one I picked?  Let me give you some hints.  Hint #1: I like modern decor, and I have a sorta glam/mid-century preference within that decorating genre.  Hint #2:  I like dark woods.   Oh who am I kidding.  Guessing would totally be impossible.  But... wait for it... I picked Walnut with Teak Oil.  It has a couple of benefits I'm excited about.  First, that it really looks natural in all kinds of light and shadow, and second that it does not require a clear coat and ends up being a lot less expensive (around $12) to finish the whole case.  But I'm curious... if it was you, which wood and finish option would you pick?

I'll post more as the project comes along so that you can see how it's done and what the process looks like.  You cannot buy these types of shelves, well, not that are sturdy enough to hold my megaton of books, so I think sharing this with you guys might both inspire and give you some heads up if you decide to tackle a similar project for yourself.

I know I've been rather absent on the internet lately, and sorry about that guys.  We've finally moved all of our belongings from Wyoming (where they sat in storage for THREE years) to Arizona, so I've been unpacking and organizing like crazy... including my mega-mound of books which has only grown since I snapped this photo. As you can see, I'm in dire need of at least one bookcase! I promise more reading-related updates are to come!  You guys rock, and thanks for sticking around through this I'm-so-overwhelmed-I-don't-know-what-to-do period!  ♥ 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Harry Potterscopes

I found this on Pinterest the other day, and I thought that you guys might enjoy it.

So, I'm Draco Malfoy.  Who are you?