Saturday, July 16, 2011

Matched by Ally Condie [Audiobook Inspection] [YA]

Size: 135 MB
Length: 8 hours, 51 minutes
Author: Ally Condie
Narrator: Kate Simses

Plot Sketch: Cassia Reyes' family lives in Oria Province, a part of The Society.  Her father works as an official in the government and her mother at the Arboretum, working with botanicals.  Cassia's friends, Ky, Em, and Xander are all gaining on turning seventeen, the age when you can decide to be matched with a future mate and be married, or choose to be a single and have no children.  The society matches them with their future mate.  Cassia's been so excited to be matched ever since she can remember, and on the night of her Matching Ceremony, she's pleasantly surprised with her match.  Until the next day, when she's given the microcard with information about her match on it and someone else's face is on the card, leading her to wonder if it's a mistake, a prank, or... destiny.

Plot Verdict: What was amazing about Matched is that it was dystopian that I didn't shred apart in my mind, thinking it unfeasible or trite.  It was refreshingly amazing, sure it's a totalitarian society that doesn't even let you learn how to write or choose who you marry, but there are still freedoms enough to be late and to eat all of your meal or not.  Ally Condie did a wonderful job with this one.  It had all of the elements of a controlling government and obedient citizens without being overwrought and overthought so as to create holes in her world. She focused on the love story rather than the environment, allowing the part we're all interested to flourish and grow, not burdening us with a crapload of impertinent details about The Society or the history of why Cassia's world came to be the way it is, allowing me to more easily accept the details she did give.  It was beautifully written, I was entranced by the musicality of the words while they were spoken to me, and the vivid pictures they painted in my head.  But it was still concise.  Authentic.  Beautiful.  Heart-breaking.  And definitely worth your time.

Narration Verdict:  Kate Simses did a wonderful job.  She voice acted most of the parts so that I didn't have to guess who was speaking before she read the dialog tag.  I knew what was going on by the tone and inflection in her voice.  She read at a pace that I at first thought was slow, but then came around to appreciate as the beauty of Condie's words were delivered appropriately through the cadence and pacing Simses gave me.  Great job, Kate!

People Who Would Love This: lovers of dystopia, obviously; {insert your hated political figure here 'cause I'm so not going there}; people who are thinking of giving dystopia another chance; people who know what Frankenfood is; fans of freedom and liberty and revolution; Team Gale; Jennifer Love Hewitt;

People Who Would Hate This: any number of world dictators at any given time; Posh Spice or Vicky B. or Victoria Beckham or whatever you wanna call the vapid woman; your veterinarian; purists; archivists; historians

Note:  I can't pick a side.  I can't pick Team Ky or Team Xander.  I just can't.  Every time I think I can, something else sways me temporarily to the other side.  I can't wait to read Crossed.