Friday, June 17, 2011

Why I Don't Rant About Other Bloggers And News Professionals

Recently, I received a couple of -dare I say- snarky emails telling me about how my blog is lacking controversy.  My immediate response was, "Thanks."  Then I realized that these readers were complaining that I wasn't going to turn something I enjoy into a debate or forum for reaming others and their opinions.  They were upset they had to go elsewhere for that.

So, I'm here to tell you.  If you want a book blog that blows something some celeb said about the YA book world out of proportion and calls for a boycott of all things that-celebrity-related, I'm not your gal.  I'm also not the gal that's going to shove my opinion down your throat and tell you you're stupid if you don't think the same way as me.  I actually like it when you guys tell me why I'm wrong and broaden my horizons.  I totally know I'm not the end-all-be-all of blogging.  And if I want to voice my opinion about something crazy, I usually stop by and comment with Pam at, because she's great like that, and we sometimes-but-rarely see things the same way.

Here's what you get at I Heart Monster, friends.  You get me, telling you about great books, the occasional not-so-great book, and some pretty awesome bookish things in between.  You'll get recaps of bookish events, and a You're The Expert forum posts where everyone can voice their opinion and view the opinions of others.  You won't get posts designed to provoke you, or attract a swarm of comments.  You get me, the things I like, some news, and some great giveaways, and an open invitation to share your opinion in a non-threatening, and respected manner.  ♥

So there.  That's what we do here at IHM.  Don't like it?  Oh well.  I don't do this for the numbers, I do this because it's fun, and you guys are awesome. Consider this my response to any email you want to send asking why I don't start posting on stuff that everyone else does.  I'm me, not a clone, and I like me this way, and I respect the rights of all other bloggers and news professionals to post their opinions and write their columns the way they want to.  (because I want them to afford me the same courtesy)

And I've added Instant Debate to hopefully make commenting here easier.  I know it was a pain for a lot of you before. ♥