Monday, June 6, 2011

Six Gift Ideas For Your Bookish Dad [Gift Guides]

Father's Day is June 19th, and rapidly approaching if you want to order something for good ol' pops.  If your dad is anything like my dad, and super hard to buy for, check out these things I've found that you can order as gifts for your bookish dad:

The Artsy-Yet-Bookish Dad has a collection of classics.  He appreciates Rockwell, Van Gogh, Pollock, and Ansel Adams.  He doesn't really understand why people pay money to see the Suns vs. Lakers when Aida is playing across the street.  He likes the outdoors, but in a contemplative and peaceful way; he does not care for camping or hiking or getting dirty.  The lectures he gives you are often rife with lessons you should have learned from historical figures and their mistakes.  So, this Spanish Galleon print on antique dictionary paper seems perfect for him to display in his study, right?  RococoCo,, $12
The Writerly Dad has volumes and volumes of journals.  He's documented everything from your birth to your first tooth, to that time you got stood up for prom.  He has an extensive collection of books, but his taste is so unpredictable you can't even begin to guess what he may like.  He's instilled in you the qualities of loyalty, sincerity, and candor, which is why he'll adore this hand-bound, Dad-on-spine, leather journal.  Wee Bindery,, $32
The Saturday-Morning-Cartoon Dad is undoubtedly watching Cartoon Network right now in an effort to escape the realities of his every day job.  He reads comics and graphic novels and the occasional picture book with your little brother.  He approaches your problems in life first with practical advice and then with a humorous alternative.  Like the time when you asked him for advice about how to ask out that guy/girl and he told you to walk up to him and ask.  Then he followed it up with an idea about a hot air balloon and a skywriter and putting those plastic cups in the fence above the overpass.  He's active and involved in your life, and he always gives you money when you ask for it (which is almost never), so you should totally get him this Repurposed Comic Book Wallet, so he can stash his business cards in something fun.  DumbKidDesigns,, $6
The Dystopian-Loving-Zombie-Paranoid Dad only reads when the synopsis of the book talks about some undead creature - be it zombies, vamps, or banshees - is going to take over the world and threaten the existence of the human race.  He has a fourteen-year supply of food in the garage, and has enough 2x4s out there so that you can zombie-proof your windows if needs be.  It's possible that his addiction to Nazi Zombies is just a phase, but you doubt it.  He's involved in your life, but the extent of your conversation really ends at how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.  So, when he opens up his Zombie Defense Syrum Coffee Thermos, he's going to hug you and ask you if you got the recipe to go along with it.  kitschville,, $19.95
The Academic Dad has every book known to man.  Half of your wall space in your bedroom is filled with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves full of tomes with names like, "Anatomy of South American Botanica" and "History of the Industrial Revolution in Fairfax, Virginia."  The great part about the shelves is that just reading the titles for a few minutes puts you straight to sleep, so you don't even have to count sheep.  Dad's already got your education saved for, and if he has anything to say about it, you'll have four post-doc degrees before you enter the workforce.  Give him something he's sure to not have, this picture of a skeleton and a rhino.  The randomness is sure to send him into a tizzy, and off of your academic back for at least a week until he finds out where the craziness originated.  curiousprints,, $12
The All-Kinds-Of-Awesomely-Rad Hands-On Dad is always there when you need him.  He's interested in you and in your life and doing whatever he can to help you succeed.  He's given a significant amount of personal sacrifice just so that he could give you the best shot at life he could.  He's the dad who when he found out you were coming sat down and wrote out bedtime stories, read all of the what-to-expect books, and boned up on his fairy tales so that he coudl do the best job at his new gig that he could.  And he has.  He's a staple in your life.  He's always there for you and communicates with you whenever he can.  He reads your blog, and is probably the only one who does.  You can tell him anything, and he'll help you find a solution.  Which is why you should give him two copies of the next book you want to read and read it together and have your own little book club discussions along the way.  Start with something a dad would read, like Kimberly Derting's The Body Finder or Jon S. Lewis's Invasion.  And dad will adore you for it.  

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