Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Lying Game Read Along - Reminder! [Read Along]

Just a reminder for those of you who want to read The Lying Game before the series premiere on ABC Family, we're hosting a read along so that we can all read and discuss together.  June 19-25.  Signups are still open until June 18th.  So order a copy of the book and sign up to read along with the rest of us!

What's a read along?  We all get a copy of The Lying Game.  Then, we all read the same pages on the same days.  Then we get together during the day to answer some questions and discuss what happened.  We make guesses as to what's going to happen and get to know each other a little while we do.


Day Date Chapters Pages
Sunday 6.19 1-4 1-47
Monday 6.20 5-8 48-86
Tuesday 6.21 9-13 87-135
Wednesday 6.22 14-18 136-184
Thursday 6.23 19-22 185-226
Friday 6.24 23-27 227-264
Saturday 6.25 28-Epilogue 265-307

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Aleetha said...

I just realize that I got this book from NG. I am in for the read along. I hope It's okay even if I read it through my epub :D