Friday, June 24, 2011

The Lying Game Read Along #6 [Read Along Discussion]

Oh my gosh.  How hard was it to not finish?!?!


  • There's the Medea thing at school
  • The apology to Nisha which isn't accepted
  • The finding of a note from Thayer for Laurel in Sutton's locker
  • Mani Pedis at Mr. Pinky with Laurel
  • Returning of note to Laurel
  • Tennis courts with Ethan
  • Invite Ethan to party
  • Emma thinks Laurel is trying to kill her
  • Birthday party
  • Ethan brings chocolates, Garrett brings uh, romance?
1. When Emma said she wanted to go to USC, her friends just laughed.  Do you think Sutton has good enough grades that Emma will be able to pursue that dream?
2. Why didn't Emma let Alex send her stuff from her locker?  
3. Is Laurel really trying to kill Emma?
4. Someone mentioned that Ethan had a crush on Sutton.  Do you think that was true?  Or do you think it's recently come true?
5. If Sutton is a ghost, why can't she remember things?  
6. What do you make of the Becky dream?