Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Lying Game Read Along #5 [Read Along Discussion]


  • Lights go out.  Everyone assumes Emma pulled a prank.
  • Emma gets attacked and warned again not to divulge who she is.
  • She goes home, goes on date with Garrett.
  • Charlotte shows up at their date, claiming she's hiking.
  • School happens. Emma runs into Ethan, Sylvia Plath exchange.
  • Emma make spa date with Madeline to avoid Charlotte.
  • Madeline leaves, but forgets iPhone
  • Emma snoops on iPhone, sees pic of Laurel with Sutton's locket.
1. Is the strangler one of Sutton's friends?  If not, how did he/she get into the Chamberlain house?
2. What's the Game on, bitches! prank going to be?
3. What did you learn about Garrett and Sutton's relationship and did it surprise you at all?
4. What do you think Garrett and Sutton's plans are?  The ones that Garrett is going to make happen for Sutton's birthday?
5. Are we supposed to suspect Charlotte as the kidnapper with all of the red hair references?  Is Charlotte in any way connected to Thayer?
6.  Why did Madeline take off suddenly from the spa?
7.  Do you suspect Laurel?

Tomorrow's Reading: Chapters 23-27 Pages 227-264