Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Lying Game Read Along #4 [Read Along Discussion]


  • Tennis is cancelled, so Emma ditches Garrett to go shopping with Mads.
  • They go vintage instead of $200 skinny jeans.
  • Pull prank on Nisha.
  • Goes to bus station, but doesn't leave for Vegas.
  • Goes to sleepover, drinking game - Never Have I Ever - where she learns more about Sutton.
  • Sutton remembers more of what happened to her when she disappeared.


  1. What are your thoughts regarding the Nisha prank?
  2. Is Sutton's disappearance a Lying Game prank?
  3. Will Emma be able to access Sutton's "The L Game" files?  If so, what will she find inside?
  4. What stopped Emma from going to Las Vegas?
  5. How much more do you think Sutton will remember about her ordeal?
  6. And again, is Sutton dead?  (my thoughts keep changing, so I keep asking)
Tomorrow's Reading: Chapters 19-22 Pages 185-226