Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Lying Game Read Along #1 [Read Along Discussion]

Let the Read Along Begin!  
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Let me bullet the plot for you:
  • Sutton is dead, but she's narrating.  
  • She sees Emma, who looks just like her, and is confused, but still dead.  
  • Then she finds out she was strangled, but lived?  I'm a little foggy on that. Because her foster brother plays a video starring Sutton, not Emma, titled SuttoninAZ.
  • So Emma gets kicked out of her present foster situation.  Given 2 weeks notice.
  • Emma googles Sutton AZ and finds the girl's Facebook page, and finds out that she's for sure a twin.  She looks exactly like Sutton.
  • Emma sends Sutton a FB message.
  • Sutton responds back, even though she's dead, and didn't really respond.
  • Emma hops a Greyhound to meet Sutton at Sabino Canyon in Tucson, because Sutton asked her to come in response to the FB message.
  • Emma goes.  
  • Emma gets clubbed and captured.
Sound about right?  

Okay, here are a few questions to get the discussion going (and feel free to ask questions of your own in the comments section):
  1. Is Sutton dead?
  2. Why did Emma so willingly hop on a Greyhound to meet Sutton the next day?
  3. What does the person who responded to Emma as Sutton know that Emma does not?
  4. Who kidnaps Emma?
  5. What do you do in your brain when you know that details in a story are wrong 'cause you like just hiked there?  *cough* wood sign at Sabino *cough* Proof:

Tell us what you think about these questions, and let us know if you have more for the rest of us!  This'll be fun, guys!

Tomorrow's Reading: Chapters 5-8 Pages 48-86!  See ya tomorrow!! ♥