Monday, June 27, 2011

Hourglass by Myra McEntire [Book Inspection] [YA]

Plot Sketch:  See there's this chick named Emerson.  She lives with her brother, Thomas, and his wife, Dru, because her parents died four years ago in a freak accident.  Oh, and she sees dead people.  She started seeing them a couple of months before her parents died, and they only went a way when she was put in the looney bin and medicated beyond recognition.  Her brother took her out of the looney bin, and she weaned herself off her meds, but didn't tell him.  Now, she can sees dead people, and jazz trios, again.  And she hates it, but not as much as she hates not being able to feel anything.  When she touches the spectres, they go away kind of like a pop.  And her brother knows about it, sent her off to boarding school for a while, until she had an episode and her scholarship disappeared, and he's been trying all the while to find someone to help her.  Psychic.  Healer. Witch.  Someone.  Anyone.  And then he meets Michael from Hourglass.  And he hires him to help Emerson.  Oh and did I mention he's drop dead gorgeous?  And when they touch, lightbulbs literally break.  But being together is against Hourglass's rules and Thomas's.  And this is the story of how they navigate those rules, an evil genius, and time itself.

Verdict:  Chances are you've seen something positive about this book.  It deserves whatever praise it's been given.  It's been over a year since a book kept me up all night, and this one did the trick, me starting at pate 90 at 1am and finishing slightly after 5am (I'm a night owl, okay, but I was planning on reading until around 2).  I loved the characters, especially how the main character was this strong, kick-arse girl but she was still emotionally vulnerable.  I loved how the teens were smart, but not wise.  They made mistakes like teenagers do, not yet learning to separate their emotions and their actions.  I loved that I was so involved with the plot that not only could I not put down the book with sixty pages left, I couldn't put down the book with three hundred pages left! I loved that this book let me geek out a little about all of the time travel and time theories.  I loved that I was so connected with the characters that I actually swore at the end of chapter forty-four, and immediately had to keep reading even though my heart was broken.  And the thing I think I loved most of all was that there was resolution at the end.  This book might be the first in the series, but it doesn't feel that way.  Hourglass was a complete story.  Oh how I can't wait for more, and I hope you'll give it a chance!

Location: Nashville, I think.  Though she went to boarding school here in Arizona.  In Sedona.
Favorite Character: So hard.  There are so many good ones.  But I'll go with Emerson.  For the same reasons I enumerated above.
Would Change: There's a few parts where the chapters jump a little and it feels like you missed a chapter during the first 100 pages.  And I was largely confused about who the heck Jack was for the longest time.  But the rest was so amazing, I was willing to put those aside.
Favorite Line: "I am sorry."  Kaleb grinned at me.  "Sorry I didn't meet you first."  Squee!
Good for Monster? No way, Jose.  Girly book through and through.  Though, now that I think of it, he did like Shiver.  Hmmm.  Maybe.
People Who Will Like This: nerdy and geeky girls (and McKayla to know the difference), Superman, and Buffy
People Who Won't Like This: boys who feel like Twilight stole their wives, the CEO of AirTran, and Frank McCourt ('cause I think Emerson knows more about baseball than he does!)
Chapters:  56.  Great chapter lengths for me.  Short sweet, and undaunting.  Which made me keep turning the pages!
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