Saturday, June 11, 2011

Harry & The Potters: Dumbledore's Favorite City (Phoenix) [Music]

So hey gang.  Of the three awesome things to do tonight in Phoenix, I chose to go to Harry & The Potters.  I met my friend, X, there and it we had a grand ol' time.  I also saw author Jake Bell (and you can enter to win one of his books right here on this blog, right now!) while I was there.  So obviously, it was the cool choice, no offense YA authors whose book signings and readings I skipped so that I could rock out with the Potters. So sorry. (sort of)
I'm totally glad I went to Harry and the Potters.  People were dressed up.  People were carrying wands.  People were dancing and hopping and well, check out the longish, crappy quality video at the end if you're super interested!
These guys had great lyrics and great energy (as you can see for yourself if you're inclined to watch the video).  There was a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans Contest, a Picture Booth, and a merch stand.  And since there was a merch stand, I picked up a signed album for one lucky reader and a Harry & The Potters pin too.  Lucky Ducks.  Just enter your dets in the form below the video.
Oh, and here's me with the Harries Potter.  Such a fun night.  Now get to entering that giveaway, yo!

(And catch them if they're coming to your city: More details at:

June 11 | Tucson, AZ | Hotel Congress (sponored by Bookmans and the Tucson Public Library)
June 12 | San Diego, CA | Che Cafe
June 13 | Santa Ana, CA | Santa Ana Public Library
June 14 | Los Angeles, CA | Los Angeles Public Library – Central Library
June 15 | Mission Viejo, CA | City of Mission Viejo Library
June 16 | Berkeley, CA | the Long Haul (with Spoonboy)
June 17 | San Francisco, CA | San Francisco Public Library – Main Library
June 18 | Sunnyvale, CA | Sunnyvale Public Library
June 18 | Santa Cruz, CA | the Crepe Place
June 20 | Portland, OR | Multnomah Co. Library – North Portland Branch
June 21 | Portland, OR | Backspace (with the Whomping Willows, JFF, Lauren Fairweather)
June 22 | Bellingham, WA | Mt. Baker Theatre (via Bellingham Public Library)
June 23 | Vancouver, BC | Vancouver Public Library – Central Library
June 24 | Seattle, WA | Seattle Public Library – Central Library
June 25 | Olympia, WA | Olympia Public Library
June 27 | Spokane, WA | A Club
June 28 | Missoula, MT | Missoula Public Library (with Hank Green)
June 29 | Salt Lake City, UT | Salt Lake City Public Library – Main Library
June 30 | Denver, CO | Denver Public Library – Central Library
July 1 | Boulder, CO | Boulder Public Library
July 2 | Omaha, NE | Omaha Public Library – W Dale Clark Main Library
July 3 | Kansas City, MO | Kansas City Public Library – Central Library
July 4 | Lawrence, KS | Replay Lounge
July 5 | Des Moines, IA | Des Moines Public Library – Central Library
July 6 | Minneapolis, MN | Triple Rock Social Club (with Best Friends Forever and Dance Band)
July 7 | Chicago, Il | Lincoln Square (with Diagon Alley)
July 8 | Columbs, OH | Worthington Northwest Library
July 9 | Nashville, TN | Nashville Public Library – Main Library
July 10 | Atlanta, GA | Magnetic Theatre
July 11 | Orlando, FL | Orlando Public Library
July 12 | Clearwater, FL | Clearwater Public Library – Main Library
July 12 | Tampa, FL | Transitions Art Gallery
July 15 | Orlando, FL | LeakyCon 2011
July 17 | Gainesville, FL | Alachua Count Library District – Headquarters Library
July 18 | Durham, NC | Casbah (sponsored by the Durham Co. Library)
July 19 | Washington, DC | District of Columbia Public Library – MLK Central Library
July 28 | Chicopee, MA | Chicopee Public Library
July 29 | Cambridge, MA | Harvard Square (with Draco and the Malfoys and MC Kreacher)
July 30 | Philadelphia, PA | Rock and Read Fest @ Bookspace (with MC Kreacher and Uncle Monsterface)
July 31 | Brooklyn, NY | the Knitting Factory (with MC Kreacher and Leema Mountain)


Sana @ Breathing Books said...

This is really cool! I wish i could go!!! I guess if i win it'll be like i was actually there. To think everything is ending next month. I grew up with Harry Potter and they can't leave!!!! :'(

Aylee said...

JEALOUS. Would love to go to one of their live shows. If only they would come to my province!