Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And Another Bookish Heartsy That Could be Potterific.[Deals]

With all of the Pottermania going on, I couldn't help but share this one!  Piebald on Heartsy is selling these amazing Golden Snitch locket necklaces (and yeah, I totally snatched one up).

They also have an Alice pendant and a whole lotta Steampunk fun.  
And since we both get $5 if you sign up today, it'd make your deal $4 for $22 worth of awesome.  If you're already signed up and used your first credit, it's still only $9 for $22 and that should cover the cost of your necklace plus shipping!  I've purchased a few things from Kelli at Piebald before, and I am a totally satisfied customer, and totally recommend her stuff!