Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday at Phoenix Comicon

We started out this morning in James A. Owen's How To Draw A Dragon. Inspirational? I think so. James writes the Chronicles of Imaginarium Geographica series of books and started out drawing the Starchild comic series. He told us the secret to drawing. It's twofold. 1) Make lines on paper. 2) Choose where you want the line to go.

Then it was off to Making Candy Sushi, but. Fail!  The panelists didn't show.

Then there was Elvira, Billy Dee Williams, and Alien Encounters of the Book Kind. PJ Haarsma's presentation was fantastic. The protag of his story, JT, is a softwire, which means that he can access any computer with just his mind. Softwire is probably going to become a movie (either live action or animated) and there's also an online RPG to accompany the books. One caveat. You cannot fully play the game unless you answer questions from the book. Get your young boys started. It sounds sooooooo cool.

Then it was Adam Baldwin and Robert Duncan McNeill. They both worked as actors on Firefly, and they both work on Chuck (though Robert is now a producer and director) which was renewed for the next season, and the only thing they were allowed to tell us about the new season is that Josh Schwartz said it'll be AWESOME.

Then I ducked into the Frank Beddor and The Looking Glass Wars Spotlight. I walked in right in the middle of Frank's super seekrit super awesome project and totally feel lucky that I was there to experience it. The room took an oath not to divulge before I got there, and boy am I glad I made a point to talk to Frank in the Exhibitor Hall, otherwise, I'd have blown the whole thing. *phew* Oh, and someone asked him when the first time he read Alice In Wonderland was and he told us that his mom and grandma used to read it to him as a child and he hated it.  The Looking Glass Wars was his revenge!  Anyway, he was super cool and super down-to-earth, and after this panel, I'm totally convinced I'm going to read his books. I bought it before last year's Comicon, but he wasn't able to come, and I haven't had a chance to read it yet. Have you guys? Is it as amazing as it sounds?

Then since I watched Battlestar Galactica from start to end in fourteen days (yes, all the seasons!) I ran over to see Aaron Douglas and Paul McGillion (he's from Stargate Atlantis, and I totally cropped him out of the pic). It was a great time, and I rather enjoyed all of the banter the two engaged in. But my fav was with this pic - this doll is not Karl Marx. No. No, it's Col. Saul Tigh. And Douglas does a wonderful Tigh voice!

Then I ran down to the exhibition hall to see if I could catch any of the authors before they left, and I ran into everyone I wanted to. Janni Lee Simner, Lisa McMann, Jon Lewis, Jake Bell, James A. Owen, and Frank Beddor.

Next up was Lisa McMann's Spotlight panel. She was rather unfortunately scheduled in the very very last time slot on the very last day, which was too bad, because everyone was heading home. But, she and her daughter talked a lot about some of the inspiration for Kendall in Cryer's Cross. Lisa's daughter (I so didn't get there in time to catch her name, not that she'd want it posted anyway) spoke for a while and gave a very moving account of her personal struggle with OCD and the process she went through to overcome its hold on her. She is very proud of her progress, and she totally should be. Her parents are proud too of course. Lisa went on to pass on some writerly advice and actually told us that she's got a Spring 2012 release of her first contemporary YA novel, Dead To You, which is about a young man who finds an age-progressed image on the Missing & Exploited Children's Database and is returned to his family, and the struggles and trials that come with going home again. I'm intrigued. Are you?

Then when the questions started winding down, I ran off to Nicholas Brendan. Because you know, who can miss Xander? And he's in Criminal Minds, yo (and he says we should write CBS and tell him he needs more screen time). He's a lot on the raunchy side, talking about things I'm totally not posting here, but he was fun nonetheless. He ended with the Snoopy Dance, of course. It was fun.

And that, my friends, marked the end of Phoenix Comicon 2011. I'm supa-tired, but that's the way these things go, right?  Come back tomorrow and we'll talk about the fun costumes we saw, AND we'll have a giveaway for some awesome swag from authors and comic book artists and more.  


Valia Lind said...

Awe you got to go to all the panels I couldnt make it to today!!! Awesome post! Looked so fun! :-)

I Heart Monster said...

Well, I'm glad I could recap them a little for you! Sorry you had to miss 'em! ♥ Did you at least have a great time at the Con?

Devan said...

I met James Owen a couple of years ago and he truly is a great speaker. His drawings are spectacular. Lisa McMann is awesome too! I love her books and excited about this new one she's talking about. I'll keep my eye out for it now!

Valia Lind said...

I did! It was an awesome first time experience! :-)