Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday at Phoenix Comicon

So, Saturday we started out the day at Alien Heart Bigfoot.  Say what?  Alien ♥ Bigfoot.  It's an anthology just like Pirate ♥ Ninja at last year's con, full of stories about fun relationships between aliens and bigfoots (bigfeet?).  It was a pretty fun panel, although the moderator didn't really leave much room for audience participation because of the VAST number of artists and writers in the room.

Then I headed to Getting Inside the Criminal Mind.  It was an interesting panel, but I wish that there was a more concrete presentation from the authors instead of just a random jumble of questions from the audience.  But basically, after you weed out all of the folks asking questions specific to the book they're writing (ugh), there were a few gems in the rough. (nothin' like mixing metaphors, right?)  Like you need to figure out what motivates your characters, and their criminal activity.  The panelists can't teach you what to do because every character is going to be different.  But, some things you can explore are why some people cross lines that others won't.  And every panelist seemed to agree that you need an extensive character chart.  Figure out what happened in his or her backstory and in his or her childhood.  And the answer to what motivates them is never money, because how much is enough?  It's never enough.  Oh and if you think your story has been written before, because no one can write the story inside you the way you can.

Then it was off to Leonard Nimoy.  Since he was ahead in the poll the last time I checked it, I went to see him.  Sorry Girl Power in YA choosers, you eeked him out by a vote at the last minute.  I'll write an entire post on what was said there, but let me give you a little preview by saying that I was awed by his humility and by his eloquence.  The place was packed to capacity, and he did not take questions.  He didn't have time for questions anyway.  Amazing.

Then I stopped into True Blood's Kristin Bauer (she plays Pam) and I have to say, she's totally skinnier in person.  Pam said she'd do anything but answer questions about Twilight.  Here's how the first question from the moderator went:

Moderator: "Did you read the Twilight books before--"
Crowd: "Booooooooooooooooooooo."

Hilarious.  She totally meant Sookie Stackhouse books.  Totally.  Anyway, Kristin did NOT read any of the books before auditioning for the role.

Then I hopped into the Writing For Tomorrow's Young Adults panel.  It really turned into a What is YA? and  How To Write For YAs panel, which was fine.  Here was the theme though:  "But not in a creepy way."  Hang out with teens, but not in a creepy way.  Get online and interact with teens, but not in a creepy way.  Do middle grade bestiality, but not in a creepy way.  (It was funny in context, but totally sounds creepy on the blog, I realize that.)

Then we skipped our way, (okay really we walked) to the exhibition hall where I found some awesomesauce stuff.  Like Lenore comics for 50¢ each. (I ♥ Lenore)

After we finally finished the filled-to-capacity exhibition hall, where we totally met The Ghostbusters.  And we also met the author of Blackstrap's Extacy, which was awkward at best. She really wanted me to buy her book, and I really didn't want to buy her book, so we said we'd show up at the Aaargh! Pirate Swordfighting event which promised to be scenes from her book acted out.  We left about ten minutes in.  If those were the scenes from her book, I'm totes not interested.  Sorry.  *yawn*

We stopped in and watched like 200 people while they learned to dance the Thriller, which was awesome.

Then we went to the Masquerade Ball?  Everyone else there seemed to get it, and maybe I'm letting my mean girl flag fly, but we so totally did not even understand a bit.  I even turned to ask the peeps behind us, and they just gave us a look like we were totally ungeeky. (and if anyone understands the Masquerade Ball Costume Contest thing, please feel free to email me or leave a comment and explain, seriously.)  So, we left and were headed to the acoustic Halocene set when re ran into them on the street!  They're pretty darn good.  I'm thinking good enough we'll see them go on a national tour if they don't implode before then.

After that, we went to Geek Prom, and it was a blast, and I totally wish that Monster was there with me... wait, so that he could stand there on the side and just watch me dance?  Lame.  I'd still take him, regardless.

Can't wait for all the fun tomorrow will bring, and the little bit of rest before I run off to help mentor seven twelve-year-olds at church camp (*gasp* that's crazy.  i know this.)

UPDATE: So, reading this at 9am, getting a little sleep after the 1:30am post I wrote, I realized there was a negative tone. SATURDAY ROCKED! Just so we're clear. I didn't assault you with a constant barrage of awesome... so sorry. Oh, and Mandy totally knew those were the True Blood books, but she just misspoke. Clarification. And I only meant to comment on the tenacity of the crowd and the depth of their hatred for all things Twilight. Apologies if it reads differently, Mandy! Thanks everyone, I'm off for another fun-packed day at the 'Con, y'all.


Mandy said...

Ugh! You were present for my Twilight slip up! Gaa! The worst part is, I truly do know it's TrueBlood. It was even going through my mind, but my mouth had other plans. *sigh* I'm just glad you all (the audience) didn't chase me from the room. ;)

Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn in Bookland) said...

I love Kristin Bauer and Pam. Kristin is amazing and the Pam character is hilarious! Jealous you got to see her.

This event sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing.


AND, you also met PAM (Kristin Bauer), OMG. And there was a GEEK PROM? DAMN!!! Wow...I am serious...I am seething with envy! lol :P Ok, I'm not seething, but it's pretty darn awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us...! :D

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