Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Comicon Survival Kit [Phoenix Comicon]

So I learned a few things last year at Comicon. I'm putting together my survival kit as we speak, and thought I'd let you guys see what goes in it.

1) Backpack. Obviously you need something to carry around your stash in.
2) Water Bottle, emptied. You can fill it up inside, and save yourself three bucks a bottle.
3) Flashlight. For walking to the car at night, or in case you need to shine it in the eyes of a drunk geek or a zombie.
4) Camera. Duh? Just make sure you ask people's permission before you snap their photo if they're not there in an official capacity.
5) Mini-Tripod. You don't want to bust out your huge one and you don't want to tote it around the con, so just bring the small one.
6) Notebook. In case someone says something noteworthy.
7) Extra Memory Cards. Even though I doubt I'll run out of space, I'm not risking it.
8) Smartphone. My Droid is about done, but it'll still let me tweet. (Please Verizon, run a BOGO on the Thunderbolt already!)
9) Phone Charger. I think I charged mine at least four times last year... in the car.
10) Glasses. Don't forget the sunglasses for your hike to the Hyatt or from your car. It's bright here and you're gonna need them. And if you're nearsighted like me, it's handy to have your Rx glasses so that you can actually see the panel members.
11) Extra Hair Ties. You don't want to be left without in case one breaks.
12) Pens. The more the merrier, especially if you want people to sign stuffs for you.
13) Smarties. Sometimes it's easier to bribe a nerd than you might think.
14) I Heart Monster Button. It's an identifier if nothing else.
15) JLab J3 Earbuds. In case you have a particularly chatty neighbor before a session and he/she is annoying you. Just slip them in and hook it up to your phone.
16) Inhaler. In case someone leaves you breathless. (thanks, T!
17) Lip Balm. In case the How To Date An Asian panel pays off.  I'm kidding.  I'm married!  I should probably add sunscreen too. And hand sanitizer.
18) PowerPaks. For energy and health's sake.
19) Allergy Medicine & Cough Drops. Because I don't want to be sniffly and coughing the whole time.
20) Tums. Because you don't want to let a bad burrito ruin your day at the Con. Just keep chuggin' the Tums.
21) Tylenol. Same reasons as above, but applied to aches and pains, or in case the Klingons beat you up.
22) Protein/Snack Bars. In case there's a do-not-miss session during lunch.
23) Deodorant. It's supposed to be 100°, and you're most likely going to be outside walking, and do us a favor, pack a little extra, please.
24) Aveeno. So my hands don't feel so icky.

Things not pictured:
Business Cards. Networking is fun!
Photo ID. So you can get your badge.
A Sparkling Attitude. No one likes a grump.
Laptop & Charger. To pacify you if you're bored.
Books.  To get signed and to read.

What would you add to the list?


Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn in Bookland) said...

Sounds about right! I went to the one in San Diego and this seems like the perfect list. :) I would maybe add a book to read if you're waiting in lines and the people near you are creeps!

~Enamored Soul~ said...

How cool...I hope you had fun!!! :D

Mandy said...

Sounds like you've got it covered. Though, just so you know....there shouldn't be very much outdoor time....except perhaps walking to/from your car. We have so much space in the North Building that all lines are inside. All food is inside. All events are inside.....well unless you have to wander over to the Hyatt for something happening there, but then they are inside there. I timed it yesterday and I spent no more than 5 minutes outside.