Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Help Us Choose Which Saturday Session! [Poll] [Phoenix Comicon]

I totes don't remember last year's Phoenix Comicon having such great panels.  At least not so many at conflicting times!  I mean, I know there was a lot of stuff we couldn't get to, but I don't remember having picked out SIX things I wanted to go to and having to choose between those SIX things for 1:30 on Saturday.

So, I had the brilliant idea of leaving some choosing up to popular vote.  Which ones do YOU want to hear about?  Steampunk 101 was chosen by you guys on Twitter last year, but I can't fit all of these title names into one tweet!  And since there's only one of me, vote for which one you want a report on.  Here are this year's contenders for the Saturday 1:30PM spot:

Arizona Paranormal Activities:  Scared of things that go bump in the night? These people make it their mission to uncover Arizona's hot spots for specter spotting! Join Valley Paranormal Investigators as they dish on techniques, trials and tribulations of hunting ghosts in Arizona.

Be Your Own Ghostbuster:  Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Learn how to build your own equipment to bust those pesky poltergeists. The Arizona Ghostbusters showcase the Ghostbusting tools of the trade.

Girl Power Young-Adult Style:  Join young adult authors Aprilynne Pike, Laurie Brooks and Janni Lee Simner as they discuss their work and their empowered female characters.

Leonard Nimoy:  Legendary actor, author and artist Leonard Nimoy talks about his long and distinguished career, and about portraying one of the most well-known and iconic characters in sci fi.  Who'll be there?  Leonard Nimoy and Anthony Pascale

Six Degrees of Joss Whedon:  Joss Whedon's influence has spread throughout the entertainment industry via the writers, actors and others he's worked with. Our panelists take a look at works influenced by Joss as well as what those who have worked with him have accomplished since.

Urban Fantasy Authors Go To Town:  Our panel of urban fantasy authors take a look at the current trends in this popular fantasy sub-genre, and discuss how they keep their stories original and unique.  Who'll be there?  Kevin Hearne, Jordan Summers, Cherie Priest, Allyson James, Yvonne Navarro, Gini Koch.

Ready? Set. Vote:


Deborah said...

The YA girl power sounds fascinating but it's leonard nimoy!! \\//

I Heart Monster said...


Alexa said...

I'm going to the girl power one so my vote is for that!

~Enamored Soul~ said...

I totally wanted to vote for Leonard Nimoy...I mean, that's SPOCK!!!! But, then, I realized as an aspiring writer, I'd probably want a little more info from authors, than an actor...so I voted for the YA GIRL POWER session! lol :P Have fun, dear...

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