Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday at Phoenix Comicon

Started out this morning at a super cool, super intimate panel called Agents of D.A.N.G.E.R. and Actionopolis.  Great panel with Shannon Denton, Jon Lewis, Terry Tibke, and Jake Bell.  These guys write books that are appropriate for children but totally un-dumbed-down.  They're a small house, but they're prolific, and they're pretty awesome.  It's rare that your first panel is your best, but dude.  This was the best.

We needed three people there to help cover all of the panels.  More details coming soon, I swear.
The sketchoff was incredible, and if you have a chance to catch one, you totally should.  The comic book artists take suggestions from the audience, like "Superman as a saucy pirate wench," and "Picachu Batman," and draw them right there in front of the audience.  It's rad.
Then we split up and I hit up the Cherie Priest Spotlight.  Did you know she writes adult books with some ya protags about steampunk and zombies?  You should check out Boneshaker.  I'm gonna.
And then there was Raving 101.  Learned how to pop, how to lock, and how to properly dance with the glowstick, baby.  Who knew there was a proper way to hold one while dancing?  Not I.  Oh, you want that information?  Here's the scoop.  Weave it between your middle three fingers, creating a sort of tension grab, and dance with it that way.  No pinching it.  The panel was quite hands-on, as you can see from the photo.
Then we stopped by the Imperial Cadet Training Session, which was adorable, might I add!  The kids all got to go through an obstacle course with their storm trooper helmets.  Awesome.  Made me wish I was six.
Then we went off to see the Zombie Walk.  Holy Hannah, Fun.  Here's a bit of footage:

And then some of us donated blood, and some of us went to the Halocene concert.  They rocked.  I suggest you listen to them.  I want to go to their acoustic set tomorrow night, but we'll see if I can fit it in between the Geek Prom and the Brain Eating Contest.

Then we waited for the Zombie Beauty Pageant, which was hella awesome.  Oh, and sincere thanks to the Department of Zombie Defense.  You kept us safe. ♥  Here's a verse of the talent portion:

And some of the contestants at the end:

Then I skipped out early while the rest of the IHM team stayed at the ZBP and I went over to the Nerd Poetry Slam, which was hilarious and awesome and all kinds of wow.  I especially loved Nerd Chick's poem.  It was amazing.  She did this one live.

Then it was the Steampunk Ball and the Anime Rave and a trip home so we can do it all again tomorrow!

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~Enamored Soul~ said...

OMG, Phoenix Comic Con sounds like it was a BLAST! I'm definitely attending one when it takes place around here :D