Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finally! Goodreads For Android Arrives![News]

I'm not an Apple fan. I ♥ Android.  I don't necessarily love my phone (the original Droid) but, I'm definitely in love with its OS.  The one thing that has been blaringly obviously missing from the Andriod Market though, was a decent Goodreads app.  The wait, my friends, is over.

On 4/30, Goodreads launched their app for Android.  I just found out about it today, and as soon as I found out I was like, "I totally have to write a post and make sure everyone knows!"  It's exclusively available through Android Market right now, so if you're an Android user like me, get to your phone (or tablet) and download the app!  The app is not yet featured on the apps page at Goodreads, but hey, I'm sure they'll list it right next to the iPhone one soon, right?

From what I can tell, only having used it a minimal amount, the app provides a user with bare bones Goodreads functions.  You can see your update screen.  You can see and tweak the books you're reading.  You can see the book catalog.  And you can see your profile including all of the books you've amassed in your lists.

Things it noticeably lacks are the ability to scan a book's barcode to add it to your shelf, the ability to use the bookswap feature from your mobile, and the ability to accept friend requests.  Who knows, maybe we'll get these features in a future update?  Tell me - what would you like to see in the Goodreads app?
Scan this QR code with
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from Android Market.

I found about the app via AndroidPolice.

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Devan said...

Thank goodness! I was very happy when I found this out as well. I'm glad it looks exactly like the app for Nook Color. I'm looking forward to upgrades as well. Happy GoodReading :)