Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Body Finder Food Morbidity Nite [Book Group Ideas] [My Real Life]

This month's book group theme was morbid foods.  Unfortunately since it's May, and some of us have children (not me! not me!) some of us didn't make it tonight.  I was totally bummed that some of us didn't make it because I was totally stoked about what those people were going to bring.  (jello worms!)

Tonight was Morbid Foods Nite.  I mean, c'mon.  We read a book about a girl who senses dead things, and can tell when people have killed something or someone.  It only seemed right.

During our in-depth discussion about how we love love loved the book, we munched on some holy-awesome-batman snacks.  First, we had bone meringues.  Can I just tell you that the level of awesome has been set high? And the best part about these cookies is that they're only 15 calories each. Snap.   

bone meringues

Then we had a yummy finger dip... with fresh basil and fresh garlic and a whole lotta yum.

Finger Dip

And then we had The Body Finder Trifle. Which had body parts buried in it. And brownies. And toffee. And fleur de sel carmel. And chocolate whipped cream.

The Body Finder Trifle

And then. To top it all off, we drank blood. I mean, Crystal Light. With bone and skull ice cubes.

We had a delightful spread, and even more delightful company.  Here are some of our discussion questions, and some of our recipes.  Oh, and for the record, we've decided that Jay goes on the list of YA Characters We'd Let Our Daughters Date.

Discussion Questions:
  1. How many different people did you suspect of being the killer?
  2. What did you think of the romance?
  3. What is the difference between an imprint and an echo?
  4. How are people's imprints decided?  What factors determine them? (we still don't know the answer to this!)
  5. What is your echo?
  6. Will you ever go anywhere alone again?
  7. How crazy is an author who writes a serial-killer thriller, then includes her hometown in the places he haunts?  (just kidding, Kimberly, just kidding!)
  8. What were your thoughts about Grady?
  9. What did you think happened to Jay when the book ended?

Bone Meringues

The Body Finder Trifle:


Taffy said...

interesting post! loved it!

Jackie said...

So super cool! How do you come up with these creative ideas?! How did you get the ice cubes in the shapes of bones and skulls? Special ice cube tray?