Monday, April 18, 2011

Does Distancing Yourself From A Novel Make You Clearer? Or Cloudier? [You're The Expert]

Okay, so when I read Ally Carter's Heist Society, I wasn't super-impressed with the prose.  I wasn't super-impressed with the construction of the story or the confusing first 100 pages.  To quote myself,
I said it with Only the Good Spy Young, and I'll say it in this review as well: Maybe Ally Carter is spread too thin.  The first three books of hers that I read I adored.  They were witty, clever, and suspensefully packed with action.  The last two however, I'm afraid are not up to Ally-Carter standards.
 Here's the deal though.  Heist Society has been on my mind almost constantly for the last two weeks.  Two weeks of being sick, being slammed with Read-A-Thon coordination, and having Monster home to distract me.  That's saying a lot.  Almost nothing is constantly on my mind, but I can say with assurety that I have thought about what's going to happen next with Kat and Hale almost every day for at least fourteen days straight.

So, maybe the writing wasn't fantastic.  Maybe I felt like the story wasn't up to par with the rest of her work.  But man, the essence of the story is obviously still with me.  And I'm dying to know what happens next.  So Ally Carter did something super-right with this book.  She hooked me.  I'm hooked by the characters, not the writing.  I'm hooked by the concept, not the construction.  And with almost a hundred books left unread on my shelves, I'd be willing to push them all aside and read Uncommon Criminals right now.  I think that's a strong endorsement.  I really do.  (and if you're dying to read more about Kat and Hale, get a sneak peak at the first two chapters right now, here.)

Anyway, what I want to know from you guys is whether or not you think that distance and time away from a story makes things clearer or does it muck up the bad stuff and make it cloudier?  Does it depend on the book?  Does it depend on the story?  Does it depend on the author?  I'm still deciding.  So, weigh in.  Tell us what you think.  You're the Expert after all.

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