Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Standing Up For What You Believe In [News]

Guys, I'm big on standing up for what you believe in.  Huge on it, actually.  Let your actions back your words.  Which is why when I read the reason that Jessica Verday backed out of the Wicked Pretty Things Anthology, I backflipped for joy (okay, not literally, but definitely mentally) at her honesty, and her backbone, and her willingness to do what she thought was right. I'm not going to tell you her reasons, she can do that, but sufficeth to say she didn't betray her personal beliefs, she stood up for them, and not in declaration only, but in action.  And that, my bookish friends, whether you believe like she does or not about the issue that is dear to her, is something to be commended.  Plus, she didn't betray her characters.  Which totally rocks in and of itself.

Congratulations, Jessica, I respected you before for your talent, your generosity, and your kitchy personality, but now I respect you for being someone who balks at something she sees as wrong and taking action to back the balk.  Thanks for being an awesome human being and not succumbing to the Reel Big Fish siren call.

In case you're wondering, Jessica is the author of The Hollow, The Haunted, and the forthcoming 3rd in her trilogy, The Hidden.  And you can read our inspection of The Hollow if you're so inclined.  Oh, and she sells perfumes (which are to die for awesome) to go along with her books because Abbey (her main character) has aspirations of opening a perfumerie.  <---and apparently I made up that word, or just can't spell it right, or something

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