Monday, March 7, 2011

Lenore Vol.2 #2 He Loved With A Love That Was More Than Love. [Graphic Novel]

Plot Sketch: In this issue, Lenore and Mr. Gosh face off, finally, once and for all. Lenore tells Gosh how she REALLY feels... until she finds out Gosh's parents died and he inherited all kinds of awesome.

Verdict: As always, those with similarly morbid senses of humor to mine will gobble Lenore right up. This is not a series for everyone. My favorite parts of this installment were of course the hair hobo, the cupcake castle, and the back cover is made of awesome. And I want to pull out the middle page and frame it and put it on my wall. But I'm not sure that Monster will let me do that.

Who Will Like Lenore? If you're a cute little homemaker who bakes cookies and shuttles your kids off to school all the while singing children's songs you might like the break. Then again you might think it's wildly inappropriate. All I can say is check out Roman Dirge's website and determine for yourself whether or not you think she's funny.

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Jackie said...

Oh my! How I love Lenore! I haven't read a Lenore comic since high school =O

Kate said...

I love Lenore! I own a couple of Dirge's graphic novels- I even re-read one a readathon or two ago. It's nice to see that other people love this adorable lil' dead girl!