Saturday, March 5, 2011

Devil's Kiss Paperback and I Gained A Minion [Saturday Steals]

So.  I have a little story for you.

I get the privilege of interviewing Rachel Hawkins and Sarwat Chadda tomorrow at Changing Hands.  So exciting.

Only problem is, I had never read Sarwat's work (that's changed now, but keep reading).  Their publicist sent me a package, but it hasn't arrived yet.

So I freaked out, "What am I going to do?  Blabber on about nothing?  Ask stupid questions?" *shrill eep* *deep breath*

I called around to Borders and find one that had Devil's Kiss in stock. It's also the only one staying in business near me, so I sent a minion, armed with a 40% off coupon and my Borders Rewards Card to retrieve it for me, it being free and all with my hard-earned Borders Bucks.

I tweeted something to that effect.  Sarwat picked up the tweet, kinda begged to be my minion too.  And now, I scored a free copy of Devil's Kiss and a minion.

Not bad for a Friday night's work.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Should i be worried, is world domination through YA literature next? Ahh no, I've got it, your Stephanie Meyer in disguise!
Cool steal, can't say no to free books and minions!

Lindy xxx

Geevz said...


Camille said...

That's like my worst nightmare—interviewing someone and not knowing the information I need to know to make it a good interview.

Hooray for you! Can't wait to hear the interview. Thanks for participating.