Friday, March 4, 2011

Almost True by Keren David (@kerensd) [Book Inspection] [Giveaway]

Plot Sketch:  Almost True follows the story of Joe, er... Ty, er... Jake, um. We'll stick with dude's given name, Ty.  Ty witnessed a horrific murder and is now in WitSec, well, the British equivalent thereof because this series is all kinds of British.  This installment follows more running/hiding/coping for this unfortunate 14-year-old, enlightening us as to circumstances that we were left wondering about at the end of When I Was Joe.  You get to meet Ty's father and his father's family, and get to really understand Ty a lot better than you did when he was Joe.  *sharp sigh* How do I describe this plot without saying the words, "when he was Joe?" *grin* Plus, there's an adorable dog named Meg who shows up at just the right times, dosing her friend Ty with a bit of reality and even possibly? saving his life.  There're even ghosts.  Sort of.

Verdict:  After the ending to When I Was Joe, I was super anxious to pick this one up.  That twisty bit at the end of the first book left me eager for more.  This book, even thought it has more British slang than the first one, is easier to understand.  I don't know if I'm catching on to the jargon or what, but I didn't have nearly the issues wrapping my brain around things this time as I did the first.  It's witty, gripping, and well-written.  It's emotionally engaging and a rare instance where I loved the first novel, but loved the second even more.  The characters are much stronger in Almost True and I felt like they were people I could call up on the phone and either verbally abuse (Nicki) or pour out my thanks to (Patrick) for their roles in Ty's life.  I had a hard time putting this one down, and the series as published so far comes highly recommended from me.  Also note that there is less profanity and less heavy material in this installment than was in the first.  Significantly less, though the material is just as serious and just as psychologically traumatizing for a teenaged protag.  Bravo, Keren! 

Location: London, yeah, a lot of it is in London.
Favorite Character: Besides the obvious adoration I have for Ty, I thought that Archie was a brilliantly written character and I went from hating him to adoring him to reflecting that the book would just not be the same without him.  ♥ Archie.
Would Change: the Playstation sequence.  I don't think it needed to be there, and if it did, it needed to be integrated a little better into the weight of the novel.
Favorite Line:  "So she's going to need a really good big brother." page 420, ARC  I almost cried at the character growth that happened in just one line. *sniff* *quick blinks*
Good for Monster? Contemporary lit is not where Monster dwells.  But I'd definitely recommend this series for teen boys, and adult boys across the board.  It's pretty darned good.
People Who Will Like This: my mom, Boyz II Men, Bill Gates, athletes, video game gods/goddesses
People Who Won't Like This: Lorien's Number Four, girls who don't want to look at themselves through a boy's eyes, spoiled rich kids
Chapters: 45
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Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Publish Date: April 1, 2011
ISBN-10: 1847801412

Twist Your House / Place of Commerce / Move / Nature / You Don't Call Home / Probably Shouldn't / In Pairs
I finished up a couple of categories with this one...  I finished the five minutes I needed inside my house somewhere new in the chair I'm borrowing from my mom.  And, I finished up the fifteen minutes I needed in the Probably Shouldn't Category by again reading it at the church youth group event I was at.  So, 2 categories down, 5 left for me!  Whooo!

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Jessy said...

I would really like to start this series. I have heard some pretty good things about When I was Joe and it sounds like Almost True is a great continuation.

Orchid said...

This series sounds kind of epic. I hadn't heard of it before, but now I would really like to read it. Thanks for the great giveaway. ^_^

Fi-chan (Bookish-Escape) said...

thank you :D

Diana said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Aleetha said...

Thank you so much for the chance :)
I hope I get the chance to read this book. So I can get what you write above.