Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The I Heart Monster Office Metamorphosis Update #1

I'm taking you on the journey that is the metamorphosis of the I Heart Monster workspace... our in-home office.

Since moving into our new home in December, Monster and I and our fabulous friends have done a lot of work on the place already, and I've got some great stuffs to share with you.  I thought it might be fun to update you along the way and maybe even ask your collective opinions on stuffs.

First, here's a before shot of the office:

Now, I'm going to take you through what we've done so far.  The absolute first thing to go were the mirrored tiles on the wall. (ugh!)  Then after Monster patched and textured that wall, my friends, Tawnya, Tiffany, and  we'll call her "Chickie," painted the walls this stunning shade of gray called "Silver Spoon" from Dunn Edwards.  Then Chickie and Monster scraped the ceilings:

Then, Monster textured the ceilings, and my friends Tawnya and Tiffany and I spent a while convincing Monster to let us paint a wall yellow.  He finally caved as a birthday pressie to me.  So, Tawnya busted out Electric Glow (yes that's the name of the shade) and got busy:

Then, Monster, my little brother, and my dad, painted the ceiling Milk Mustache.  And then, I ordered blinds. And Monster hung them for Christmas.  And then, I ordered this fantastic chandelier from CSNstores.com called the Carnivale from ET2 Lighting, and Monster, who complains about having to duck underneath it (because he's 6'5" and our ceilings are only 8') was a dear and installed it for me:

So, this is the last update picture I can show you (the fantastic & sign was a gift from Tawnya, who is all kinds of visionary and awesome):

There are french doors leading into the office from the living room, which I think might be one of the features that sold me on this particular house.  The desk is different now, but the next projects are finding the permanent desk, recovering the two chairs that go inside (which I purchased for a cumulative $17 at garage sales), finding a small table to go next to the comfy reading chair, redoing the closet, getting electrical installed in the closet, redoing the floors, and *gasp* adding a bookshelf.  We'll give you updates as we go along.  Anyway, so what do you think?

Part of the chandelier purchase was covered by CSN Stores in exchange for a review of their site and their product.  As far as CSNstores.com is concerned, the order process was easy.  It was streamlined and their communication was perfect.  I didn't have to wonder what was going on with my order, and I didn't get any emails spamming me about "Add This" or "Upgrade To This," which I totally hate in an online seller.  I knew when to expect my chandelier and which carrier it was arriving through.  The process was smooth as pie and I checked out with Paypal.  I'd definitely use them again.

The product itself is gorgeous.  Being acrylic, it did arrive with a scratch on one of the panels, straight out of the box, which made me sort of sad.  But, you can't really see it unless you look for it.  The assembly process was easy.  The installation process though, was not well-documented, and unless you have your very own handy Monster at home, I wouldn't recommend attempting it yourself (Monster used to remodel apartments way back when, so he's got the skill set).  We'd post better directions than what were included, but don't want to get sued since we're not licensed professional electricians.  There is a design flaw in that you have to disassemble part of the chandelier to change the lightbulb, so I'm kind of glad that we stuck in a CFL.  Hopefully it'll last a long while.  But despite all of that, it's a stunning fixture and one that many people have already drooled over, including me.  Everyone totally got sick of my squealing every time I looked at it for a solid week, but I heart it.  So much.  I still can't help but let out a squee every now and then when I pass by.

Thanks CSN Stores, for a fabulous addition to the I Heart Monster office!


ajmitchell said...

It's looking really good! I love the wall color (it's so happy) and that chandelier is AMAZING! Hope you enjoy it.

I Heart Monster said...

Thanks, ajmitchell!!!! ♥

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

LOVE the light fixture! And the yellow wall is amazing and so daring! Great work!